Favorite recipes for leftovers

What are you favorite recipes that hold up well in the fridge/freezer for leftovers later? Or what recipes are so good that you make extra just so you can have enough for leftovers?

Heat them up and eat them. (I tend to make a surplus of food.)

Still, some things find their way into other things. For example, leftover roast chicken might find its way into enchiladas or fried rice. The ribs from prime rib become BBQ ribs. Rice can turn into fried rice, rice pudding, or end up in soup.

Haven’t made it in a while but my lasagne is real good cold for breakfast the next morning. It heats up real nice for lunch, too.

Half of Friday’s steaks became steak and eggs with hashbrowns this morning.

Of course there’s always leftover parfait.

Hal: What’s for dinner?

Lois: Leftover parfait.

Malcolm: It’s even worse than it sounds. Once a week Mom cleans out the fridge. Anything that doesn’t actually have something growing on it get’s thrown into a casserole and served for dinner… [Looking at the parfait] Sunday, Saturday, Friday… It finally happened. The fifth level of this week’s leftover parfait is last week’s leftover parfait.


Heat and eat, for the most part, especially for soups and stews, which I usually make enough of to last a week. Also meatloaf.

Things like chicken and turkey can be used for a variety of good things like curry, a la king, pot pies or sandwiches.

Leftover rice is terrific mixed with mushrooms, herbs, Parmesan and an egg, and turned into rice cakes that are fried golden in some butter.

If I make way too much spaghetti sauce, I’ll sometimes add a can or two of white beans and some additional liquid to make an Italian soup.

Yesterday’s mashed potatoes is today’s potato patties.

A couple of weeks ago I took leftover couscous, added shredded cheese, an egg, and a little flour, formed into patties, and fried. Since couscous is really just tiny pasta, what I had was fried mac 'n cheese! Much tastier than the original bland couscous.

I have a 17 year-old boy that weighs over 200 pounds. We don’t have a lot of leftovers, so that’s all I got.

I love leftover spaghetti. The sauce is even better the day after, so I always make plenty.

I’ll be making spaghetti and meatballs today. A pound each of beef, lamb, and pork for the meatballs. I’ll cook the meatballs and freeze at least half of them for another time, but there will still be leftovers of sauce, meatballs, and pasta.

Most things are just re-heat what we had earlier, but one of my favorite meals is made from leftovers.

If I ever have any left over steak, and I’ve made a baked potato. I try to save the skin from a potato, warm the steak, and make some microwave veggies in cheese sauce (typically broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots.) Put it all in the shell of the potato and I’m a happy guy.

Super simple soup made with chicken, chicken broth, a favorite salsa, rice, and cream cheese. It’s delicious right away, or after sitting in the fridge.

I think it’s best with hotter salsas. You can add more seasonings if you like. Extra cilantro is good, if that’s something you like. You can top with sour cream or onions or shredded cheese if you like. Eat with hot sauce if you like! It’s all good.

Leftovers from taco night get used a few nights later for taco pizza.

And sticking with the taco theme, leftover brisket gets used to make brisket tacos.