The best leftovers?

What dishes make the best leftovers?

Stews are generally the standard answer; what else?

Personally I enjoy making lasagna primarily because I have good lunches and dinners for almost a whole week.

Taco meat is always just as good as leftovers as it is cooked fresh. I usually like to use the “meatloaf blend,” because the veal and pork make the end product more moist than just straight beef, but sometimes I will use ground chicken, ground pork, and occasionally ground turkey (really, I just go with whatever’s the cheapest at the time; honestly the seasonings and taco sauce way overpower the taste of the actual meat and it all ends up tasting pretty much the same). And it can be used for things other than tacos, like adding to a box of Rice-A- or Pasta-Roni for makeshift “Hamburger Helper,” for example. Often I just eat it on its own, with a side of corn and peas.

Anyway, what dishes do you find makes the best leftovers, or can be most easily turned into a different, new dish?

Lasagna or any baked pasta dish is pretty good. I love a good old fashioned roast turkey, though. Heck, any type of roast or pot roast is good. And I love a New England boiled dinner, though I find that the cabbage doesn’t keep well, so I have to cook a fresh serving in broth each time.

Well soup, but that’s pretty much the same as stew. Lasagna is good as already mentioned. Meatloaf does pretty well also. A lot of Indian foods are still good after a reheat, but they’re pretty much in the stew category. A Big Sandwich improves in flavor for a couple of days and doesn’t need any prep.

I love leftover pot roast.

When I grill meat ir seafood, I will usually make quite a bit more than we’ll eat that day and use what is left to plan extended meals. Chicken breast gets sliced for a pasta dish, or I’ll chunk the fish and pan-toss it with pre-roasted veggies, slide the mess into soft tortillas, and tell my son it’s taco night.

Day old rice with the nubby end of a roasted pork tenderloin!

When I make spaghettini I always make extra, so I can use the leftover to make Asian noodles, next day.

Few more ribs than you can eat? They microwave a charm, next day!

Pulled pork does really well. Basically, any braise or slow-cook meal works fine. I’m also happy with turning roast chicken into chicken salad or something else the next day. Roast beef I’ll eat hot one day and then slice thinly into cold cuts using my meat slicer the next day. That sort of thing. Pork loin works well thinly sliced like that as well.

I always make waaay too much macaroni & cheese. I use the leftover M&C as the base of a macaroni salad.

Chili just keeps getting better.

Mac and cheese is the best leftover. It just tastes better reheated.

Lasagna or any cheesy noodle thing can taste good if you like dry and chewy. you can also add cheese if you like some moisture and freshness.

potatoes in a baked or fried form can be very tasty leftover. double baked mashed with cheese also good.

Most Chinese keeps well and nukes good to.
This is true especially of fried rice.

Another vote for chili. It just gets better when the flavors mix together for a couple of days.

But otherwise Tex-Mex makes the worst leftovers, IME.

I’d agree. A lot of Tex-Mex cuisine is based on the contrasts between different foods in a single meal. But let the meal sit and those contrasts blend together.

It’s like eating a leftover BLT - you’re either eating cold bacon or microwaved lettuce and tomato and either way the bread is soggy.

This. I usually buy one dish to eat fresh, then two or three more that go straight to the fridge for my next few lunches. Hell, lo mein is better cold than warm.

Pizza. It’s good even when it’s cold.

Chinese food, still in its white cardboard containers.

Fried shrimp, cold from the fridge is my all time favorite leftover. I purposely over-order at a seafood restaurant so I have enough to take home for at least another meal (breakfast!)

This. NE boiled dinner is the only dish where I enjoy the leftovers more than the original.

Red flannel hash, Reubens or just toss in the wave and warm.

Leftover white rice is great for hurry meals. Stir fried rice, Spanish rice, rice pudding, chicken and rice… Just fold in the garniture, a little liquid et voil’a.

Pizza. I prefer it the day after.

I hate leftovers. I’m having a hard time thinking of ANYthing that’s better as a leftover. The husband loves them, though.

But yes, this does cause problems between us.