Favorite restaurant/fast food fish dish

Lent starts today, and for a lot of us that means fish on Fridays. Lots of restaurants or fast food places take advantage of this by offering seasonal fish items. Any ones you really like?

Jack in the Box has the best fish sandwich of any fast food restaurant that I’ve tried (though I recommend you have them add tomato and red onion, as it’s a bit lacking with just the standard toppings.)

Ruby Tuesday has a grilled salmon in honey-bourbon sauce that I like.

The Roast House has a great Baked Haddock and Scallops (baked in wine butter and seasoned Ritz crackers) with fries, cole slaw and cup of chowder.

A local restaurant here in RI…excellent!

I miss McDonalds little Fish McBites SO much! I bought dozens when they had them.

I will be buying fried fish, from the local Fish Cove, as usual. It really doesn’t get any better than that, unless it’s salmon fillets cooked on our little charcoal grill.

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Out of curiosity: what do you think makes it better?

I consider Legal Seafood to be fast food-ish. I love their fish and chips.

Boston Market serves baked cod on Fridays during Lent.

Really? Maybe different locations have different ambiance. I’ve been to two Legals in Massachusetts and two in New York, and they were all above-average in price, and had full dining rooms, bars, and waiter service. No counters, paper plates, paper napkins, plastic utensils, or seat-yourself tables. What’s fast food-ish about it?

The beer batter halibut sandwich at The White Spot Cafe in Anchorage, AK. I miss that dive.

Einstein’s lox bagel with little capers. Jason’s Deli salmon sandwich. Not Catholic, but I like these anytime.

It’s not fast food, but it’s restaurant food - I just love Shrimp DeJonghe. If I’m at a restaurant that has it, even as an appetizer, that’s what I order. Shrimp Scampi is a close runner up.

Shrimp scampi is pretty much redundant. I don’t know why it started showing up that way on menus.

Basically true, though the cafeteria at work sometimes offers something they call “cod scampi.”

Seafood Alfredo is my fave. Along with Fisherman’s Platter or boiled Lobster.

Legal Seafood is a chain. The one near me has take-out. The food comes in plastic containers with paper napkins and plastic utensils. For me, that’s fast food.

We look for well-made tomato pasta sauce. I know it’s a bit silly considering pasta sauce is one of the easiest things to prepare. But we want to see how the good cooks make them.

Don’t know how it started but we like to order rack of lamb on Valentine’s.

Fair enough, but by that definition just about any restaurant that has take-out is fast food. By my standards, a fast food restaurant is where you order at the register, seat yourself, bus your own table, and *all *the dishes and flatware are disposable.

Chain. Has take-out, served with disposable utensils.

By that definition, Ruth’s Chris is a fast food restaurant.

I have a soft spot for smoked salmon at Ikea. I crave Bonefish Grill’s Bang Bang Shrimp. My local Chinese buffet has good cold mussels topped with chunky cocktail sauce. I love the shrimp cocktail at Mexican restaurants served in big goblets full of avocado and salsa.