Fish fry for Lent anyone?

Easter makes me hungry, but it’s still a long way off. I’ll have to settle for Lent:

Lent begins tomorrow. It’s the season of penance and preparation before Easter Sunday.

It’s also the season of fish frys, offering food and sociability in addition to providing area churches and organizations an opportunity to raise funds by serving a meatless meal at a time when abstinence from meat is encouraged.


These places to eat Fish Fry’s are in Ohio, bummer :smack:

Most are under $9.00 and all you can eat:

I’ll think about frying fish on Friday. Tonight it’s about the pancakes.

Wisconsin Friday Night Fish Fries Are The Best! Just saying. They are not just for Lent anymore.:slight_smile:

don’t like the fish…

No need at all to go to Wisconsin for a decent fish fry, Duke of Perth is excellent in Chicago.

Our church has one every Friday during Lent, and, for the first time, tomorrow.

$8, all you can eat. They have fried fish, baked fish, pasta with marinara, green beans, baked potatoes, tea, and coffee. The high school kids sell dessert.

I always ask my wife to make fisherman’s pie for dinner on good friday. Besides that, our go to meatless dish is pasta with tomato-basil-capers sauce.

I went for a large pizza with extra cheese, sausage and pepperoni. :slight_smile:

Our go-to Friday night dinner when I was a kid was Mom’s mac and cheese with tuna in it. My parents enforced no meat on any Friday even after it was relaxed.

My mother used to make salmon patties. Last night I had a grilled ham and cheese inspired by the grilled cheese thread. I used mayo on the outside instead of butter or margarine for the first time and it was excellent - made the bread slightly crisper than butter.

My parish has Friday night fish fry for Lent. In fact, the Knights have a call out for bakers to bake rolls and things for the dinners. I wouldn’t mind baking, but mid-week baking is difficult between work and farm chores.


My church has fish fries, and from what I’ve seen they’re the best deal in the city. Not all-you-can-eat, but it’s a pretty big plate. You get a couple of big pieces of fried, baked, or blackened, pierogis, cole slaw, fries, and mac and cheese, for I think $9.

For some reason though this year we aren’t starting them until after St. Patrick’s Day. Yeah, St. Patrick’s is a very big deal in our church that requires a lot of planning and setup, but we could still do both pretty easily.

I noticed one church was offering pop corn shrimp for only $1.50 more … I like that one …

I hope there not farm raised :smack:

Now I am craving fish fry.

Here in NYC, a lot of places offer fish and chips dinners, and some of them are very good, but just aren’t the same as fish fry up in the Great Lakes area. I keep trying to tell people that these dinners aren’t FISH FRY, despite the fact that it’s fish and it’s fried.

I don’t like fish very much. So today’s (Friday’s) menu is a salad sandwich for lunch and some minestrone soup and gnocchi for dinner.

Cuncator - Salad sandwich? Like lettuce and bread? I’m not much of a fish fan either. I’ll go for a grilled cheese, or potato cheese soup.


Lent has begun already the other day. It started with Ash Wednesday. Eating meat is definitely a NO. I think, this has been practiced already by many especially Catholics. Yes, I totally recommend Fried fish for a meal especially for fasting and abstinence. However, you could also try other fish recipe for a change.

Check your local K of C or VFW. They all seem to have a Friday fish fry around here along with lots of the bars.

The town I was raised in back in western NY state had a fair Catholic population [ mainly Italians in their second and third generation over here.] There were 3 restaurants open, a fairly expensive steak house, a more generic modern American cuisine place and a bar and grill. All 3 had some form of fish fry or seafood specialty on Wednesdays and Fridays in Lent. Of the 3 places, the bar and grill had the best fish fry - huge cod, haddock or pollock fillets that covered the plate. Huge steak cut potato wedges, homemade tartar sauce, a house salad and a wedge of pie for dessert for [back in 1975-about 1984] $10. 00 - anything other than a soft drink would cost regular price and the pricing on the dinner ran from 5 pm to 11 pm. I can remember some of the guys I worked with that could tank down 3 and 4 plates of food at a lunch buffet not able to finish the meal.

Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot, cress etc. It’s a fairly standard sandwich combination here.

Love fish fries. However, I’m Orthodox, and supposed to fast from fish as well (and dairy, and oil, and…) so I wish I lived somewhere I could get boiled shrimp, etc., more easily. Some Catholic fish fries do have fried shrimp.

I’m not near an Orthodox church any more–they often do something similar. My old church actually held regular fish fries on Friday. I guess to make money from the Catholics? :wink:

Not doing the strict fast this year due to pregnancy and other things, so I might just have to hit a fish fry tonight. Y’all are making me hongry!

I’m just outside of Buffalo NY. There seems to be a Catholic church on every other corner. During lent a ton of the churches have huge fish fries on Fridays. The most popular ones will sell a certain amount of tickets (400-500) and you better get them early or look elsewhere. You could go church to church week to week and not hit them all.

My father was raised Catholic (not me, Mom was Lutheran.) He hated fish, as a result I never had a fish fry until my early 20’s, too late to bring my parents up on charges of child neglect. There is a little hole in the wall diner near my shop, they do a fish fry special every Friday year round except the two weeks in July the owner closes for vacation. (I love some aspects of a small town.) I’ve had a fish fry lunch almost every Friday for about the last 2 years. The one day a week the entire shop goes out to lunch en-masse. My bosses’ Dad is recently retired and keeps materializing every Friday around 11:45, strange doings…

$8.95 and you get a hunk of beer battered fish that hangs of the plate lying on a bed of french fries. Homemade (the diner is only open 5 am to 2 pm, the owner literally makes the sides at home in her kitchen on Thursdays) cole slaw and cold macroni salad with paprika. Once in a blue moon I’ll ask to subsistute for her 6 cheese mac and cheese if it’s on the menu that day.

Don’t ask what the 6 cheeses are, if I knew I’d be a millionaire.