Favorite series of comic covers?

I was browsing through some old comic covers and it struck me how plesant the covers for the complete run of New Mutants volume 2 are, most of them being pretty simple character studies with muted colors and no extraneous text. Contrast that to New Mutants volume 3, which are wildly busy, in various styles, and plastered with text declaring each issue’s spot in an internal story arc or cross-over event. Individual covers are chaotic and the overall set of them even more so.

So–grab this topic and run with it. (Just to get it out there, this not a “this one cover I like” thread, this is about blocks of covers–anyone talking about a single cover proves that they didn’t bother reading the OP before jumping in. I know I sound bitter, but I know how threads go here.)

Lets see if I can get these four Mike Wieringo covers to line up:

Cool. The embeds are broke, but they still work as links.

Old school - Frank Frazetta and Famous Funnies

Retro - Darwyn Cooke (and others) and The Spirit


Another of my favorite sets is the carded action figure variant covers used on a large variety of titles.


I love those… I’d never heard of Joshua Middleton. Reminds me of David Mack’s Daredevil watercolors.

Which reminded me of Bill Sienkiewicz’s work on Elecktra: Assassin.

And I love ALL the covers Darwyn Cooke drew. After the depressed darkness of many comics (and JLA reshoots), his “sunniness” is refreshing.

The Super-Team Family website has many wonderful covers that never were. Such as:

The interior humor got a little tiresome after awhile, but Kyle Baker’s Plastic Man covers were always the coolest looking things on my spinner rack. Awesome logo work, to boot.

Anyone remember the one month back in the late '90s* when ALL of DC’s covers were intense closeups of the character’s face? The spinner racks, and the wall of new stuff at the local comic shop, looked SO cool for a month.

*If I had to guess, I’d say they went on sale October, '97…

Here is a set, but much more recent. Maybe they did it twice?

Found it. December 1997.


Discovered this great series of variant covers today:

I also like the What the Duck set, and give an honorable mention to the Tsum Tsum Take-over set.

The two painted covers for the Spider-verse series are among my favorites.

Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD, covers #1-7 by Jim Steranko

Hm. Is that this?

Thanks to both of you! I have stopped following comics many years back so I was unaware of Darwyn Cooke. I missed his entire career and his death. Thanks to you I get a chance to look at his fantastic stuff.

Without a doubt or equal it would be the series of Medieval Spawn Witchblade (1996) covers.

They just don’t make 'em that anymore!

Joining covers across three different publishers!

I’ve always like the old Classics Illustrated covers. These are my two favorites:

Just stumbled across another set that I love: Marvel vs. Aliens.

Captain Marvel is my favorite.