Favorite snowday foods

Today, I’m at home waiting out a massive blizzard. It is so bad that they even closed the bank I work at. It’s nasty out.

Since I’m at home and I can make myself some lunch (instead of packing a sandwich), I’m pondering what I want to eat this snowy day. It got me thinking of my favorite foods when I was a kid, snuggling up to stay warm, consuming lots of cocoa.

Right now I craving chicken noodle soup, mac & cheese, cocoa and grilled cheese sandwiches. (No, I’m not going to eat them all at once… though I might do soup and sandwich for lunch and mac & cheese for dinner.) These are my winter comfort foods.

What do you eat on a snowy day? What do you crave when snuggling in for a winter storm? Are there any foods you stockpile before an impending blizzard?
I’m off to make my soup and sandwich. Yum.

A nice hot breakfast before heading out into the freeze - oatmeal. Really good sourdough toast & baked beans. Hot cocoa (real cocoa, not that fake powdered “chocolate flavored drink”).

Soups and stews, definitely. Nothing like coming in from a long time in the cold to a hot bowl of chili.

Tea and cookies. Hot alcoholic drinks (Irish coffee and so on).

Iowa State is closed. Normally we close only in the event of, like, giant radioactive ant attack or the equivalent.

I’ve already had a Scots-Irish coffee (you use bourbon).
Considering busting up a bar of Ghirardelli and making choco-chunk cookies.

Grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup.

It’s not even snowy here and now I want that for lunch…

Snowcream! It has been a while since I made it but you take some snow (Not the yellow kind!) and mix in some sugar, milk and vanilla, if I remember mom’s instructions correctly. The closest thing to homemade icecream I’ve ever had.

Chili or homemade soup. I’ve got the ingredients to make a pot of bean soup but I keep forgetting to soak my beans. Maybe today, it’s supposed to be nasty tomorrow. If you’re snowed in it’s a good time to make some bread, since you’re home all day anyway. Mmmm homemade bread, warm and buttery and crusty.

Snow days always remind me of growing up when we got off from school. We would play outside and then come lumbering it covered in snow. Mom would make hot chocolate from scratch with milk, sugar and Hershey’s powder. Then she’d make buttered bread folded over so we could dip it and let the butter melt. Nomnomnom!

Now I’m just so relieved to get home without having crashed the car that anything is good. Avoiding impending disaster is the best sauce!
But tomato soup and grilled cheese sounds good too.

Tomato soup sounds good, but I’d be more likely to make ramen noodles. Cocoa is a must.

A few years back I had a sort of regular thing going. I’d call my girlfriend at 3:00 on a Saturday, and we’d talk for about an hour. Then I’d go over to see her at 7:00. During the winter, those three hours in between were “cocoa and movie” time. It was often the best part of my week.

Yes, please.

i have a pot of chili on, and i have a loaf of bread rising and almost ready to pop into the woodstove’s oven. I have bread from the baking monday, but fresh with chili is best =)


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Risotto. And you have time to make it if you are stuck at home. Creamy goodness.

Ditto. It takes me back to childhood days spent playing out in the snow, and eventually coming home to warm up and have 'mater soup and a grilled cheese sandwich that mom had made.

My first answer was Beef Stew.

Then the grilled cheese and tomato soup popped up, and I haven’t had that since Mom used to make it for me when I was a kid. She would put thin slices of fresh tomato in the sandwich, too, and the soup was Creamy Tomato with croutons. And a cup of hot honeyed tea if I was sick.

I want my mommy.

My wife and I work at a high school, and today was a snow day. YAY!

We woke up at 9, fooled around in bed until 10, and then went outside to shovel/snow blow. Brunch at 1 in the afternoon was fried eggs, bacon, toast, and hash browns. And coffee with hot cocoa powder instead of sugar and creamer. So yummy on a snowy winter day.

Baked ziti or lasagna or some similar carby-cheesy-tomatoey goodness.

The first thing I did this morning was throw beef stew fixins’ in the crock pot, before tackling the ungodly mess that was my driveway (I’m in Madison, we got walloped)

Had grilled cheese and bean w/bacon soup for lunch and homemade beef stew for dinner. With homemade bread for dipping!

I had that for lunch today.

I’ve never actually been snowed in for more than a day, or two, but I stock up like crazy, like a good Ant before winter. I feel secure knowing there’s meatballs in sauce in the freezer and pasta in the pantry. Snow? Sleet? Nuclear fallout? Bring. It. On. I can wait it out.

I always liked to make cookies or bake bread or something that warms the house.