Favorite Sports Comedies

I’m sure I’ll miss some, but… which of these is your one favorite sport comedy movie?

Can’t edit… I specifically left out “The Big Lebowski.” I think it would win handily, though I don’t consider it a “sports” comedy, unlike the also-bowling-related “Kingpin”


Though it isn’t technically a sports movie, the baseball scenes in “Police Squad: The Naked Gun” are just a scream.

I haven’t seen Slap Shot yet. But I’m def. a fan of Happy Gilmore, Waterboy, and Caddyshack Major League…

In the end, I’d probably watch Happy Gilmore if all three were on. Unless someone who hasn’t seen Major League was there. Then that’d have gotten my pick. Caddyshack falls somewhere in between those two data points.

Of those listed, I’d choose Slap Shot, but the best sports comedy of them all was Horse Feathers, with honorable mention to A Day at the Races.

That’s what I came in to say. Those 20 minutes or so are non-stop comedy gold.

I really, really wish some day there will be a baseball player named Enrico Palazzo.

I’d go with Let it Ride, although much of it’s appeal is limited to those who love 1) horse racing, and 2) Jennifer Tilly’s cleavage.

James Gammon was great in Major League, with his gravelly voice and his [Dick Williams](http://www.freewebs.com/falzisttmautos/dick williams postcard.jpg) mustache

The fight with Bob Barker rules all. Period.

You’ve got my favorite (Bad News Bears) but one of my other top picks would have been Semi-Tough, which didn’t make the list.

A few more missing gems:

Baseketball from the southpark guys.

Semi-Pro with Will Ferrell.

Blades of Glory.

Nacho Libre.

Necessary roughness.


Ready to Rumble.

Celtic Pride.

Oh, how could i forget! The Great White Hype gets my vote.

Brewster’s Millions doesn’t belong here. Don’t get me wrong – I love the movie, but just because the lead is a baseball player, and there are a couple of baseball scenes, doesn’t make it a “sports movie”.

I said Caddyshack but Kingpin was a 1a.

I chose Major League, mainly because the only other movies on that list that I’ve seen are Balls of Fury and Brewster’s Millions, and like Hal I don’t really consider Brewster’s Millions a “sports comedy”.

Nominated for consideration:

Semi Tough

The Longest Yard (Original)

White Men Can’t Jump

Slap Shot? Best Sports Comedy?
Have you guys seen the movie lately*? It’s boring as hell. The only reason to watch it is to fast forward to the parts where the Hanson brothers are doing something. Otherwise, what a waste of time.

*I recently NetFlixed this movie and have to add it to the list of movies that I remembered as being really good movies, but actually weren’t (along with another Paul Newman Movie: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid)

I like Forget Paris but since it’s about a referee and not a team, I’ll probably get bagged on it.

Stroker Ace. I once painted a Dodge Charger race car to look Chicken Pit T-bird.