Favorite Star Wars Fan Films

Since we haven’t had a new Star Wars thread in about (checks watch) 36 seconds, I figured it’s time to start another one. :smiley: This time on fan films. Personally, I like[ul]
[li]Trooperclerks[/li][li]I.M.P.S. (Which has the added benefit of having that guy who sounds like he’s been smoking a carton of cigs since he was 12!)[/li][li]Troops[/li][li]Imperial Chopper[/li][li]Episode IV.V: The Unknown Discovery[/li][li]Revenge of the Brick[/li][/ul]Oh, and while none of those links are directly to vid files, most of them you will need a high speed connection if you want to download them, since they’re pretty large files.

I.M.P.S. - If for no other reason than for the opening shot of the WWII bomber-style nose art on the AT- AT.

My personal favorite would have to be the “Valley of the Jedi” trailer. It was a project I worked on in high school. (Warning: Long story that has nothing to do with Star Wars follows): It was only a trailer for a non-existant movie and was less than five minutes long, but we did some cool stuff with it. A friend and I collaborated on the computer special effects. It involed plugging the camera into a video capture card to get the video on the computer, then running the video file through a program my friend wrote. The program was extendible so that I could write plug-ins for it to do various effects, and I’d aleady done a lot of experimenting with video effects, but for this project I wrote a plugin specifically for animating light-sabers. We shot some footage of us fighting with lightsabers which were toy light sabers with rubber tubes sticking out the end, then I painstakingly animated the lightsabers frame by frame on my computer. I had written the plugin so that all I had to do was click the starting and ending points for the lightsaber, and it would draw a somewhat realistic glow around those points, but it also took the previous frame’s position into account to create a motion blur effect. There were a lot of corny parts in the trailer – including the title screen, which we literally made in MS Paint in about 5 seconds the night before the project was due – but we also had some pretty innovative stuff. For one scene, I jumped off of my friend’s roof (which originally he was going to do, only he chickened out) and then we took that footage and played it backwards, so it looked like I was using the force to jump up.

I’m definitely going to have to watch the movies in this thread. I love seeing what other people can do with this kind of stuff.

George Lucas in Love. There is no competition.

Here’s a better link: http://www.milkandcookies.com/links/30395/