Favorite stuffed animal

Did you have a favorite stuffed animal as a kid?

What was it?
I had a few, but my fave was a Snoopy that I’d dragged around so much that it’s neck wouldn’t support its head. I’m told I got it when I was in the hospital.

Winnie the Pooh (kinda obvious when you think about it…sorta).
I still have mine from when I was in Kindergarten, although after my sister and I washed him and hung him out to dry over an air vent for three days, he’s a little worse for the wear. No eyes, no mouth, no shirt and if you give him the slightest squeeze, a little crunch noise comes out.

Mine is a small stuffed penguin that my boyfriend gave to me for Christmas 2 years ago…it’s a long story.

When I was younger, I loved this HUGE Snoopy doll (probably 3’ tall sitting) that I had been given as a birthday gift. It started losing its stuffing, though, and my parents say they gave it to the Oak Lawn (IL) library children’s department for decorative purposes.

RIght now, my talking teletubby, Dipsy. When I was little, I didn’t really have a favorite one, just a bunch of odd animals like ostriches and white tigers.

I have my little green dinosaur named Zac that my best friend gave me before she moved to new york. I also have a huge alien doll that Ravioli the polyga-fuckist and BobQ spent 60 dollars trying to win me at Universal. Oh yeah, and Ravid’s 3 and a half foot stuffed monkey.

Well, as nice as stuffed animals are, I should let you know that I don’t have any now. But, I had lots of fun with mine when I was a young kid…

Well, now that I’ve 'fessed up, any other guys remember having a favorite stuffed animal when you were a little, little kid?

(The thread on kindergarten led me to remember my box of toys and animals, because that’s when I played with my stuffed animals. So, I thought it would be an interesting childhood memory to ask about)

My white bear named Fluffy that I got for Christmas when I was 10. I still have him.
I also collect Blue stuffed bears.
Oh, yeah and I can’t forget my collection of Pooh characters. :smiley:


He was a stuffed chipmunk that I got on my sister’s 4th birthday. I was 2 at the time.
I apparently named him after the skunk Nosy in some weird Disney movie. I was not aware that my stuffed animal was not a skunk, but actually a chipmunk. He was green; how was I supposed to know?

I loved him madly for many years, even though his nap wore thin and he was mostly bald. And then there was the time his head got torn off during a sisterly spat, so my mom sewed it back on with a green piece of fabric which of course was not the same color as his original balding hide.
And after a while he couldn’t be put in the washing machine anymore because he was too fragile, so he didn’t smell so great.

Then he died in a house fire when I was 17. I still miss him, skanky creature that he was.

A koala bear that I received for my first Christmas from an aunt who was living in Australia at the time. I chewed on the ears and generally rubbed most of the fur off, but it still has a place of honour on my dresser, where it looks out with its one good eye.

A medium sized teddy bear named “Teddy” (I poured all of my imaginative childhood energy into coming up with that name) He’s got a red and white striped night shirt and had a night cap, but it’s fallen off and has been stuck in a box for safe keeping.

I got him when I was two, and he makes numerous appearances in early family home movies.

He’s in really good condition for a 23 year old bear. Still has all his eyes and limbs. Of course, now I’m paranoid that he’ll get damaged so he’s been stored away until my new kitten is behaved enough to not tear him to shreds.

I have one weird habit when it comes to my teddy bear. I always have to have him along for cross country car trips. It makes up for the fact that I’m driving alone. He’s sort of like “company”. Besides, he also makes a nice comfy, fuzzy arm rest.

A stuffed gorrila that was named George III, and you could stick its fingers and toes in its nose, ears and mouth. Sniff. I miss him.

That would definitely have to be Snoopy. I currently own about 30+ stuffed Snoopies, but my favorite is still the first Snoopy I ever got.

I also had several generic dogs of various shapes when I was little. (I still have them–they were too cute to get rid of!) When I was in kindergarden I took about 5 of these generic stuffed dogs and two Snoopies to school for show and tell. That afternoon, we got in a car wreck on the way home (some geezer rear-ended us). I can still remember clutching all seven of those stuffed dogs…I was so scared that I was going to drop one!

my favorite is one I have now. a black horse with a white star and red roselets and a red ribbon around his neck. he goes with me whenever i go away. I made my mom sew on one of his roses when I cam elose in the hotel one time wewere away.

I had a stupid horse, with a goofy expression. His name was therefore “Stupe Horse”.

I have several stuffed animals, but my favorite is Teddy T. (The T. is for Teddy). I got him when I was six months old (or so my mother tells me). I still have Teddy T., but he has no fur left, and the stuffing in the top half of his body is gone. He is wrapped in acid free tissue paper, kept in an archival storage box, and lives under my bed (no, he is not the boogey man!). On holidays and special occasions I take Teddy T. out of the box and sing him a song.

My sister and I had a massive collection of stuffed animals. (BTW, Scribe, I’m a 31 y.o male, and I proudly confess to still owning 2 stuffed animals, Kermie and Smaug, Jr.).
The creme de la creme of the stuffed animal collection was Ruf-ruf, a sad-eyed brown dog. My sister and I both loved him so much that we had to work out a schedule for sharing him.

Off-topic a bit, but FTR a good stuffed animal has no plastic whatsoever on it (in limited circumstances, plastic eyes are acceptable).

Just checking in to make sure that nobody listed a stuffed Meeko as their favorite…:wink:

Say, didn’t mean to imply that there’s anything wrong with having stuffed animals…just don’t have any any more. My loss.

I had a Beany and Cecil Disguise Kit that came with a foot-and-a-half long Cecil (and hula skirt, cowboy hat, badge). I loved that sea serpent.

But my giant pink bunny that I could sit on was my favorite. I spent many a blissed out hour sitting on that bunny and playing with Cecil.

Aw, ** beakerxf! ** another softie that takes her bear with her on trips! I’ve carried my sorta off white stuffed bear, Rickie into hotels under my arm and gotten some of the * strangest * looks, but I don’t care, he likes to look around. I stuffed him in my pillow once and he wouldn’t speak to me for days. :wink: