Favorite thing from 1972

Simple enough: your favorite song, album, movie, TV show, car, event, t-shirt, memory (if you were alive at the time…)

Why is this a game, you ask?

Because, I answer: You are limited ONE ITEM PER POST.

If you don’t like anything from 1972, maybe that would be a good thread for you to start elsewhere.

I’ll kick it off with: I Graduated from High School

Undoubtedly actress Claire Forlani, born July 1, 1972.

Hey, me too! And that’s my favorite from that year, cuz I sure was glad to get outta there!

The Godfather, released in March of 1972.

Amazing movie.

Without a doubt, my sister, Alexandra, born Jan. 14th.

The girl I dated throughout 1972. She was a keeper.

Another class of '72 HS grad – but that’s not my answer, because I’d be disqualified for naming more than one thing.

My favorite thing – Paul Simon’s first solo album.

Grafitti seen in an outhouse somewhere around North Bay, Ontario whilst hitch-hiking across Canada:

Don’t change dicks in the middle of a screw
Vote for Nixon in '72

That I can’t remember 1972.

My poorly-stated “rule” was intended to discourage multi-item lists that might “use up” potential choices. Some folks won’t see this thread right away, so I figured it might give them a chance. Feel free to add another favorite in a follow-up post.


Getting paid to sing.

I lost my virginity in 1972.

Hi, Tracy!

One of my favorite albums of all time is from 1972:

Harvest by Neil Young.


The film Cabaret.

I think that might have been the year my parents married.

Close To The Edge by Yes.

Being born was kind of fun.

I turned 21.

My favorite memory of 1972 is the Democratic National Convention. It was the last real convention, ever, before the hand of God came down and turned conventions into unwatchable sanitized infomercials.

It featured such novelties as a credentials challenge that both sides wanted to lose (for unfathomable parliamentary reasons), points of order, appeals, platform fights that went on until six in the morning, and an 80-candidate melee for vice president. Those were the days.