Favorite things to play (any musical instrument)

I love music, but am not so well versed at playing. However, I can play the uke fairly well, along with the banjo, harmonica, kazoo, lap harp, keyboard, accordian, etc etc. Mostly this involves noodling, just playing for the fun of it.

However, I’m wanting to learn how to play stuff for the uke specifically, so I’m looking to you all to guide me with your experiences. I can read sheet music, and I can play both guitar and uke tabs on the uke, so there are no limits.

The only thing I can play all the way through, or so, is Rondo alla Turka. Nice and challenging for a noob, but worth it - man is it pretty on the uke.

So, what do you say?

Try “Ain’t She Sweet?” on the uke. Do you know it? I think it’s probably from the 1920’s or 30’s. I get the urge to wear a racoon coat and bob my hair when I play it. It sounds a little dumb on the baritone uke though.

I have never heard Brubeck on a uke! Cool to even try to imagine.

Actually, I meant Mozart’s Rondo alla Turca, from his piano sonata in A number 11, 3rd movement. But now that you mention it, I think I’m going to try and learn some jazz, or maybe just a piece in 9/8’s like the Blue Rondo a la Turk. Time Out sounds amazing, because the musicians were amazing - not nearly so for someone like me.

I also have a recording of Ain’t She Sweet? by Bunny Berigan. I’ll have to find some sheet music, I think.

Also, does no one else here play any instruments what so ever? I thought we had quite a few musicians, even one lady who I believe studied the French horn in college.