Favorite Westerns Stars born before 1910

See Pre-Poll Data Collecting – Westerns Stars for background.

Vote for up to FIVE from this list. Other later lists will focus on other years’ ranges – to be determined as nominations continue coming in. Use OTHER to mention other stars not on the list (check IMDb for dates).

Just to be clear: I will be counting the First Five votes from each Voter. Others votes by the same person will be ignored.

Hmmm… my votes perfectly matched the top 5 vote getters so far. I may be some kind of cowboy whisperer.


Dang, I didn’t catch that it’s multiple select. Can you add Brennan, Cooper, Fonda and Stewart when you’re doing the final tally?

I actually picked Autry, singing cowboys are the best cowboys. :slight_smile:

Glad to! That’s an option still open to others who only voted on one: longhair75, Frodo, janeslogin (if you choose to add a post to add more names).

I was going to write in one but ole Roy wasn’t born until November 5, 1911.

I was surprised by that, as well. This post had a few names added later but the older folks seem (to me at least) to be scattered about through the decades. Some older, and others younger, than I would have thought before checking IMDb.

I didn’t vote for a few (e.g., Jimmy Stewart), because I don’t consider them primarily western stars.

Loved, loved, loved Walter Brennan. My maternal great-grandfather looked almost exactly like him.

And had to go with Tom Mix - in 1911 he was a night Marshall in the small town I grew up in - Dewey, OK. It has a Tom Mix museum, complete with a facsimile of Tony, that was Grand Openinged by the Duke himself. His 3rd wife, Olive, was part-Cherokee and, having worked on a ranch herself, could ride and rope as well as he could. She was from Dewey. His first movie, by Selig Productions, was shot on a ranch about 4 miles ENE of Dewey at the foot of a roughly 200 ft hill called Blue Mound.

I’ve never seen most of these guys. Jed and Granny on the Beverly Hillbillies mentioned Tom Mix and Hopalong Cassidy cowboy movies. Thats the only reason I know their names.

Should Fonda be on this list? He made a couple Westerns but he was by no means a cowboy actor.

Jimmy Stewart, John Wayne, and Walter Brennan are the three most famous. Ward Bond was a tv actor, Wagon Train.