Favourite Posters - The Last Survey of the Millenium !

OK, my fellow posters. I know we’ve already had 10 million of these threads, but I’m determined to get the facts straight.

Here’s the deal.

If you post in this thread, do not digress, just post your top-5 posters in the following format:

1: <name>
2: <name>
3: <name>
4: <name>
5: <name>

Note the colon ! I will then, after the deadline, make a big-ass Excel spreadsheet and count the scores. A number 1 position will get 5 points, 2 will get 4, 3 will get 3, 4 will get 2 and 5 will get 1.
Scores will be added, and hence records will be set straight.

This is it folks. The final showdown. Think well before you submit, as you can only choose 5 names. No elaborations, just the top 5 in the format above, so I can easily C&P all that stuff :slight_smile:

Deadline for this competition: Thursday, November 25, 18:00 CET - that’s 11:00 SDMB time.

I’ll start off by stating my top 5:

1: UncleBeer
2: Satan
3: CanadianSue
4: BurnMeUp
5: UkeleleIke

Hit it !


“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)
  1. UncleBeer
  2. ChiefScott
  3. Ukelele Ike
  4. CanadianSue
  5. tatertot

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, dogs are from Pluto.

Uh. That would be:

1: [name]
2: [name]
3: [name]
4: [name]
5: [name]

Apparently you can’t say “<name>”, cause it’ll disappear :slight_smile:


“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

I’m going apeshit over here !!!

Meant to say: “name” but then in these things that can be reached by pressing shift, “,” and “.” respectively… you know, “<” and “>”…

But I see people caught my drift anyway… please proceed :slight_smile:


“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

1: Smug
2: Smug
3: Smug
4: Smug
5: Smug

ok ok ok - cancel that first one

1: UncleBeer
2: Satan
3: Cristi
4: Louie
5: CanadianSue

1: UncleBeer
2: Coldfire
3: Satan
4: Sealemon
5: Alphagene

“If there’s anything more important than my ego around, I want it caught and shot now.”

1: Cecil Adams

God, this is hard…


Honorable mention: Ayesha, ChrisCTP, AuraSeer, Alphagene, Falcon, and a shitlo9ad of others I can’t think of right now…

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.


1: Satan
2: Drain Bead
3: Sealemon
4: Coldfire
5: Diane

Honorable mentions…oh lord…too many to list. But woohoo! I made it on here for once, even as only an honorable mention!!

“Men are from Earth, women are from Earth. Deal with it.” - George Carlin

Only five? There are many more than that. I feel cheated only listing five. I will list some of my recent favorites though. I have a lot more.

  1. pldennison
  2. Drain Bead (her favorite color is clear)
  3. manhattan
  4. Dewaholic (he likes Small Wonder and even though I don’t he summarized it well)
  5. Everyone else out there who likes me, you know who you are, I am sorry that I did not list you guys and gals offhand.

There really are so many more than this…It pains me to leave them all out. :frowning:


Gasoline: As an accompaniement to cereal it made a refreshing change. Glen Baxter

Envelope, please… (Yes, I know I said that last time)

  1. Byzantine
  2. Satan
  3. Polycarp
  4. UncleBeer
  5. Ayesha

Okay, that’s it. I’ve rearranged them all I’m going to, that’s the real list. I mean it. I’m just going to hit “Submit Reply” right now, because I’ve made my decision, and it’s final. Here goes. Oh no! Wait-

“That’s entertainment!” —Vlad the Impaler

1: Coldfire
2: Sealemon
3: Tatertot
4: Cristi
5: Ayesha

I am me… accept it or not.

In no particular order…

X. Krispy Original - An intelligent person and all-around nice guy. Gotta admire his perseverance.

X. Pickman’s Model - Brings a needed bit of humanity to the boards.

X. pldennison - Smart guy who only flames those who truly deserve it. And how!

X. E1Skeptic - A like-minded vato. Todavía me debes un trago, mi buen.

X. Ursa Major - His previous incarnation was the first respondent to my first post, for which I am ever grateful.

“Give the Governor harrumph!”

Damnit !@ How the hell am I gonna copy & paste THAT ??

Anyone who submits votes that don’t fit the format, is not gonna be pasted in the final list :slight_smile:


“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

How are you going to use the number ranking anyway?

“Satan was the top #2” choice?
If you apply a weighting to the data, let us know how you do it.

Ooops, I’m an idiot, ignore my last post.

Since I like everybody just the same (except for those of you I actively dislike), I just picked these five posters, from my thread for unpopular people. Not that I consider any of them unpopular (esp. Sqrlcub, I think we all know him)

1: Missy2U
2: SqrlCub
3: The Doll
4: Mullinator
5: Cat in the Hat

  1. Ukelele Ike
  2. UncleBeer
  3. Satan
  4. Coldfire
  5. WallyM7

And bonus points to smug for the shameless self-promotion.

Well, shut my mouth. It’s also illegal to put squirrels down your pants for the purposes of gambling.

Well, at least i appeared once!

Woo woo!

I’ll have to post mine after i give it more thought.

Magnificent to behold - Greatly to be praised.