Favourite Talk Show moment

My favourite occured on a talk show called “Open Mike with Mike Bullard”, but that only shows here in Canada. It happens thusly;

The first guest was Ertha Kit, the woman who played Cat Woman on the original Batman TV series. Her segment was finished, so she was sitting on the other end of the couch. The next guest was David Suzuki, not well known outside of Canada, he has a TV show called “the Nature of Things”, about ecology and nature.

Mike Bullard asks the starting question “how are you”, “what are you doing now”? Then Ertha Kit has a question, I don’t remember what it is, but David answers. Then Ertha Kit has another question, and David answers again. Now it’s the Ertha Kit Show, and Ertha Kit is the interviewer. Mike is sitting at his desk, saying nothing except the occasional “ditto”, or the like for a laugh.

Now, what are your favourite talk show moments?

The “nut lady” on the Johnny Carson Show(the Tonight Show).

She was into nuts, the things that fall of trees. Ed McMahon and Johnny kept making “testicle” jokes and she had no idea.

That whole segment was great.