Fax with prepaid cellphone?

I have a landline at my business, and I feel like the monthly fee is higher than it should be. It’s tempting to consider replacing it with a TracFone, which I’m sure would cost a lot less for making and receiving calls. However, I sometimes need to receive a fax so I can identify the part I need from an illustration.

In doing some research, I gather this possible in some way, but I found it a little confusing. I would need a system that would allow me to plug the phone into the computer or fax machine and get a full-size diagram. It would have to be something I could do right away.

Any experience or suggestions on how to best do this? Is there a particular phone-to-fax service or app you would recommend? Would it be necessary to have a smartphone, and if so could it be done without having internet service for same? What is the cost likely to be? Is it possible to send faxes as well?

My thanks for any info or suggestions.

There are an assortment of online fax services that let you send and receive faxes by email. I don’t know of any that will send to a cellphone, except to the extent a smartphone can also receive email.

Cost to send-only can be free to nominal, to receive faxes you’ll need to pay $5 to $10/month for a fax number. Anything faxed to that number will show up as an email on your end. Faxes are attached as a pdf or tiff; just print from your computer if you need a hard copy.