FBi investigating Unabomber as Tylenol Poisoner

So now the FBI suspects that the Unabomber was the Tylenol Poisoner?

What’s next - Ron Swanson is married to Karen Walker?

::Head explodes::

“Kaczynski, who’s in federal prison in Colorado, said in his motion that the officials who notified him of the FBI’s request said the agency was prepared to get a court order to compel him to provide a DNA sample. He said he would provide one “if the FBI would satisfy a certain condition that is not relevant here,” but doesn’t elaborate.”

Translation: “Get me transferred the f*** out of the living Hell that is ADX Florence Supermax.”

I hear he also invented AIDS :slight_smile:

I’ve heard the school of thought that he was the Zodiac Killer.

Does he fit the evidence?

Don’t remember anything specific, just IIRC he was living in the Bay-area when Zodiac would have been active. Didn’t say the link was strong, just that it was theorized.

Was he also D.B. Cooper?

never heard that! Obviously improbable. (And yes I know you’re mocking me)

I think it’s also possible that Michael Swango had something to do with it. Apparently he lived in Illinois at the same time as the poisoning. Swango typically put poison into food or gave lethal overdoses to medical patients but it’s also conceivable that he tampered with medicine as well. There may be a connection.

My dad was in San Francisco at the time, AND he wore Navy-issue shoes, AND he wore a Zodiac watch.

He wasn’t Ted Kaczynski, though.

Not even remotely. Fingerprints, physical description, MO, and handwriting don’t match. The only reason that his name keeps coming up in that case (and in the EAR/ONS case for that matter) is that there are a few cranks who are obsessed with the idea that Kaczynski was responsible for all sorts of infamous unsolved murders.

Sort of like those folks who insist that Jack the Ripper was a royal/masonic conspiracy. Who needs evidence when pure speculation makes for an interesting story?

He is Spartacus!

Nah, it wasn’t him. It was bin Laden, obviously.

… now that you mention it, has anyone seen Ted Kaczynski and Jack the Ripper in the same room at the same time?

None that lived. :wink: