FCC interference rules regarding legal FM transmitters

You can buy devices that transmit audio over FM in a very limited area. Like wireless microphones or to broadcast the TV audio in a gym. Are there any FCC rules or regulations regarding the device transmitting over the frequency used by an actual radio station?

There’s a gym next to my building which is transmitting one of the TV channels right on top of one of the frequencies of the radio stations in town. It’s causing interference when I try to listen to that FM station.

I’ve complained to the gym, but they say they can’t change the frequency. I told them they should disable the device but they don’t want to do that.

So I’m hoping there’s a big FCC bat I can use to make them change the frequency. Does anyone know if it’s legal to broadcast FM over a frequency that’s already in use?

Yes, it’s legal, but there are restricitions, and one of them is that it cannot interfere with the reception of a licensed broadcast signal. You can contact your local FCC field office via http://www.fcc.gov.

From the FCC website.