legality if my own FM radio station

If I want to broadcast my own radio station, and I buy the equipment, I have seen 9 mile rated stuff on ebay pretty affordable. Do I have to pay the FCC to do this, and if so, how much, or I am simply not allowed. If I do it anyway, would they care, woudl they catch me, would I be fined? Any and all info from those with experience apprecited/

You need a commercial broadcast license in order to operate in the 88-108 MHz FM band with a signal carrying over 50 feet. Doing so without a license may result in large fines and possible prison time. Low power devices, such as wireless mics that operate in this range are allowed to be unlicensed, provided they meet FCC regulations concerning spurious emissions (energy spikes off-center from the main operating frequency).

–KB2YYR, Amateur Radio Operator.

You can find FM transmitter kits and stuff here

I’m not sure if the high power items on ebay are legal for use in the USA. And I’m certain that a license is needed for all but the low power Ramsey and similar units.

Here’s a link to the FCC web site and Low Power FM station information.

WØGOM, another radio operator