WBLZ - Beelzebubba Radio?

Say I’m sick of the whole commercial music scene and want to start my own FM radio station. I know I need an FCC license, a big transmitter, and something to play.

Am I missing anything? What else do I need, and how much will it cost me?

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You can expand your local ministry into every car and home in your community by beginning your own Christian radio station. Get the process started today, and you could have your Christian station on the air this time next year…

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I know more about amateur radio (not that I’m a ham, but I did look into becoming one once and bought a book), and I know that at least hams need to know more than a bit about the technical aspects of operating a radio and managing a transmission. You need to keep yourself within wattage and frequency restrictions and you need to know other technical matters just to get the license (yes, there’s a test), and if you don’t follow FCC regulations you’ll get your license pulled. And operating without a license is illegal.

It’s more complex than using a CB or a walkie-talkie (two examples of low-power devices which have dispensation to operate pretty much without limitation within certain frequencies), but I don’t think non-hams need to know Morse code (yes, some hams do have to, and no, I don’t) or the various other rules related to two-way communication over the air.

(As a hijack, I think the FCC is one of the most anal-retentive organizations it’s ever been my displeasure to closely examine the rules of. I think that, more than anything else, is why I am not a ham.)