FCM told me I had to start the week’s MMP~I’d been shirking long enough

Not that you asked, but apparently he used to have chest pains fairly often, and the doc told him to cut out caffeine. Once he did, that seemed to do the trick. So he wasn’t too concerned when this first happened, but when the pain didn’t subside as it used to, that’s when he was taken to the ER. This is just what his pregnant wife doesn’t need to be dealing with…

So far, Roxy is still asleep - the night light did the trick. I’m hoping for another couple of hours of peace. We’ll leave around 9:45 for the museum and I hope her mama retrieves her before 3. She was supposed to follow me to my car guys since I’m now due for an oil change. Worst case, I drop off the car and walk home - it’s just 5 miles. We shall see.

As for me, I slept mostly OK. I had to turn on the electric blanket to warm up before I could fall asleep. Hard to believe I’m still using it in May!! But if my feet and legs are cold, I’m awake. I wonder if my weight loss and the associated loss of, um, insulation is part of it? Anyway, I got at least 6 hours and I’ll count that as a win.

And it’s Cinco de Mayo - my great-nephew is 3 today! Part on, Grayson!! :partying_face:

¡¡Feliz Miercoles!! :rofl:

heh Behind my tv is cords from the last 15 years of console gaming tho we moved the Wii because you still can use the Wii games in the wiiu and the ps3 is in another room we bought a multi HDMI box because the smart tv didn’t have enough plugins and its full…

it’s horrible behind our stand

hope sil doesn’t have anything major going on …
wow, that reminds me I had a cardiologist appointment right around when I had covid that I’ve never rescheduled…I went in for a wellness visit and they thought I might of had a mild HT at some point …

wow swampy when they gave my uncle my moms cremains in the sealed box they were still warm …

oh and since it was officially star wars day yesterday I splurged and bought the star wars add on for the sims 4 since the MS store had it for 11.99

It was the only place that didnt sell it with the base game i all ready own

Good morning.

I am glad the SiL was sprung, FCM, and I hope it’s nothing serious.

Yesterday turned into a doozy of a day. I don’t want to relive that! I didn’t sign off my computer until after 6:00 pm, and, considering I started at 5:45 am, I think I put in more than my fair share of hours. What a day! I had to sit through some training that had everyone up in arms. People were pissed at some new documentation requirements that we now have to comply with. They are tedious and make absolutely no sense. I would love to be a fly on the wall at the Branch and Division Chief meeting. One of the branch chiefs was audibly angry, which, if you knew the guy, would be shocking. I was very pleased that he spoke up. Long story short, these requirements add hours of work to an already tedious and odious process and there is no reason for them.

After that, I spent all day trying to catch up on stuff but was interrupted several times by people within my branch asking for help or advice. I was happy to help them, but it definitely took some productivity away from me. Plus, I had a HOT request for information come down from Division Chief in DC, so I had to hop on that too.

I am hoping that today will have fewer interruptions and I am purposely avoiding any training sessions. I can listen to and watch the recordings later. I just don’t have time for stuff today.

Working that late, even though I was home had me feeling a little ripped off on personal downtime. Thank goodness I didn’t have to commute too. I’m going to have to get used to long hours anyway, so I guess yesterday was a test. I’ve done long hours before, and I still have them occasionally; but, there will more long days in my new position.

I’m glad this is my “short” week. I am tired. Although I was plum tuckered out yesterday, I didn’t sleep well again. I am hoping that I can sleep a little longer on Friday. I doubt that’ll happen though. I have stuff to do around the house and the kids, grandkids and my mother are coming on Sunday. Not a lot of “me” time will be happening this weekend. I am taking a four-day weekend over Memorial Day though, so that’ll be nice. I might opt to take another day or two next month.

swampy, I’m glad you got to spend some time with loved ones. Funerals are always so hard, but they’re harder now.

FCM, I’m glad to hear he’s being discharged - I hope it was just dehydration, but glad he got a referral.

Best of luck for as few interruptions as possible, Taters!

It’s crisp and cool here in the Midwest today, but apparently supposed to be up to around 70F. An outside waddle is called for. I’m sitting here at my desk staring at a dead centipede on the floor in the crease between the baseboard and the carpet. I’ll have to get the vacuum to get that off the floor - nothing should have that many legs. Absolutely nothing.

Meetings are about to start, but I’d rather just sit here and knit a baby hat. They’re way cuter than regulatory stuff.

Morning all. Looks like the rain has gone away, but it has cooled things down (62F heading for 70F today). The Great May Grocery Shopping is scheduled for today, still have to check the ads in the paper before finalizing the list. should be able to manage with just 2 stops.

FCM, glad SIL is getting treatment, daughter-unit will have to monitor his caffeine intake, at least at home. Enjoy the museum.

Taters, my sympathies. I remember a Division Chief long ago as we computerized who came up with a new spreadsheet/workform seemingly every week for us to fill out–the Director finally had to tell him to cut it out…

swampy, that was awful nice of Molly’s family to do that. Says much about you and OYKW too…

OK, pills taken so need to finish the morning internettin’ and get busy on the shopping list. All y’all take care.

Is anyone here in the Denver area and interested in a Mini-MMP-Fest? I’m planning to be there in August and will expect to have a free afternoon on Sunday, Aug. 22.

Chest pains and tingling in the arm are classic heart attack symptoms. Dehydration symptoms are usually weakness, dizziness, and passing out. I have some experience with both. But my doctor ID hasn’t come in the mail yet, so don’t go by my opinion. :stuck_out_tongue:
Usually with a heart attack though, the ER docs can tell pretty quick and will tell you, so I dunno.
Anyway, I hope he’s okay.

Wifey makes an oatmeal cookie with chocolate chunks and pecans that is to die for. (Actually, she usually makes several.) I’m sure yours will be wunnerful!

Swampy, your church sounds like a really nice place, with really nice people. I’m envious.

I apologize for ‘mansplaining’, or rather ‘old-phartsplaining’ above. These days about the only thing I have left to contribute is experience. :roll_eyes:

Happy Cinco De Mayo, y’all!

I’ve made SPAM® salad for sandwiches later, and I’ve washed the meat grinder. The dishwasher wasn’t full, but Mrs. L.A. uses a lot of utensils and glasses so the dishes are washing. She’s coming home between patients, so I’ll wait for her to leave for her second patient before I clean the toilet.

I put a frozen hamburger patty in the oven, so I’ll have a cheeseburger on low-carb bread, and half an avocado for lunch. In the meantime… back to work.

Vegemite-and cheddar sanger for breakfast.

No intrarwebz here so I’m burning some data. We’re back.

SIL saw his primary doc - she thinks it’s all muscular but he will see a cardiologist just in case. He’ll be going back to work tomorrow.

I yanked a hunk of dead cow out of the freezer and am cooking up a pseudo pot roast. Add some broccoli and instant smashed judge-ye-N.O.T.s, with ice cream for dessert.

My car has been dropped off for service, we had a toad-soaker, and now there’s no rain and birdies are singing. And now you know.


Mrs Magill had her first go dose of round 2, and she seriously overestimated her ability to drive home. She got about three fourths of the way and pulled into a YMCA and called me. It’s a good thing Fang and his brothers were just arriving, otherwise I may have called in one of the "If there’s anything I can do"s. She’s upstairs lying down now. As soon as I test some circuits, I’m headed out to do the weekly food run.

Costco on Wednesday >> Costco on Saturday.

Warning - Idahoan Instant Sour Cream and Chives smashed spuds - ick!!! There’s no way to replicate the flavor of sour cream with artificial flavorings. I bought a packet on sale, and most of it ended up in the trash. At least all I had to add was water. Higgs seemed to like it, but then Higgs eats cat turds. :open_mouth:

The sun is shining. It couldn’t have done that when I took my car to the shop, could it? But with the car in the shop, tomorrow will be interesting. SIL’s car is still on base - his brother will take him to work, so he won’t be dropping the kid off in the morning. I need to fetch her, but I won’t have my car, and her seat won’t go in FCD’s car. So I’ll drive the truck in the morning to Daughter’s school, she and I will swap keys, and she’ll bring the truck home after school. Roxy will have a fit - apparently no one is supposed to drive Mama’s car except for Mama. I’m thinking she’s a wee bit OCD.

The house is quiet. Chillage shall ensue till I pick up Hurricane Roxanna at 6:30 in the AM.

Read all, retained some.

Busy day today at irk, with more to follow. I am going to take two days off next weekend. SIL and I have decided to do some kind of ramble to get out of the house.

Stay safe and healthy y’all!

So yesterday it turned out out the schedule time was 30 minutes early. so we got paid to stand around. Today’s early start was on time, and I stayed to help load irregs into d=Door 69. Nice.

  1. I never heard anything bad about cord management. I use velcro zip-ties to manage the cords, to avoid the spaghetti factory


Hope the figure out SiL’s issue, FCM.

Evening all. Watched Champion’s League Soccer this afternoon and then went out to finish the shopping that I started this morning. Mission is now 100% complete, and I decided to reward myself by eating out…except all the usual spots were mobbed so I ended up at a family-owned place I haven’t been to in awhile. Good food served promptly and refills without my asking…need to put them back on the regular list.

FCM, good luck with the great car swappage. Hope the cardiologist report is negative, but what you described sure didn’t sound like muscular problems to me…

Wizard, best to Ms. Maus, hope she gets to feeling better.

OW, Denver is one of my favorite cities, but not this year I think. Vicksburg may be the extent of my 2021 travels (but just wait until 2022…)’

doggio, nothing better than to do nothing and get paid for it.

OK, dinner is happily digesting, so back to internettin’ All y’all take care now.

Howdy Y’all! I did all the things today and sup got made and et. I have nowhere I have to or need to go tomorrow, so I am determined to stay in da cave all day. I deserve an entire day where I do not have to dress suitable for the public dangit! The predicted nasty weather did not materialize beyond a couple of showers late this mornin’.

shades today is your doperversary! Many happy returns of the day.

There is an old …Plant… saying: “If you have to dig an unexpected grave, in an unexpected place at an unexpected time, you had better dig two, because someone else is bound to show up.”

The straight lines abound. I must resist for the good of the group.

Good Gad, that is Swampy! Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!

It is stupid hot here today. At 7:15pm my time, it’s DOWN to 90F (32C). Ewww. It is too early in the year for this garbage.

Still loathing Hades Annex as much as ever.

At least Misty’s grown back enough feathers on her head and neck that she no longer has alarming red spots of bare skin. That was a serious molt she did.

Allie (aka the Princess) is a constant.