FCM told me I had to start the week’s MMP~I’d been shirking long enough

Did I do ok , mooomm?

Thundering, lightening and raining soft, sweet smelling rain here. Gonna finish my ice cream and stagger off to bed. Long day of Hattie wrangling after all, gotta rest up.

Happy Moanday.


[Queen]Thunderbolts and lightning, very, very frightening me
Galileo, Galileo
Galileo, Galileo
Galileo, Figaro - magnificoo[/Queen]

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Off to sort.


It’s also raining here, which is typical as it’s a public holiday today so of course the weather’s rubbish. For once, the weather app agrees and says “Of all the fucking cloudy days, this one is a complete wankface. At least it’s not that cold outside” and promises me 9c/48f up to 10c/49f, mostly cloudy. I know it’s not that cold outside, I’ve been out to throw a bag of used cat litter into the bin.

I’ve already fed and medicated three cats, emptied all the litter trays and refilled them with fresh stuff, had breakfast, and am on my third cup of tea. I have a bunch of things I want to get done this morning but 'im indoors is still being a slugabed, and everything I want to do involves some level of noise so I’m giving him the chance to get up first before I go and put a workout session on, then I’ll be vacuuming, and then a little bit of calm while I put some dye on my hair.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis < snerk > 69! < snerk > Amurrkin out and cloudy with a predicted high of 89 and maybe rain today. Or not. TWPTB are in willy-nilly mode. This mornin’ I shall go be usher at a memorial service over to the church house for someone I do not know. However, I knew her brother and sister-in-law, so I agreed to do this. It’s at eleven and should be short and sweet from what I am told. If nuttin’ else, I earn my gold star for the week. Other than that no plans at all. Sup shall be steak, baked N.O.T., sallit, and rolls due to a gnawin’ and a cravin’ for a ribeye.

Boo ya done good! :star2:

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then I suppose I should purtify and don appropriate funeralizin’ attire. Real clothes two days in a row. Such a bother!

Happy Moanday Y’all!

G’mornin all. 72F here in DFW, looks like a sunny warm day ahead – first above 90 I think.

Been wanderin’ around west Texas in the RV for the last 10 days, just sight seeing and beering by the campfire. Got home to find we missed an epic hailstorm and lots of damage hereabouts. Pretty sure one of our cars was totaled, since it looks like a football team attacked it with ball-peen hammers. Several days of rain through the busted windows doesn’t help (Phew, what a stench). Got lots of damage otherwise too, so I guess my week will be spent with insurance folk, yay.

So… off to find more caffeine and see if the chainsaw runs. Might as well turn some of this debris into next winter’s firewood!

I lost my last bottom right tooth … and it’s an ugly black k MF’er that I knew it was going to fall out eventually and now food cant get stuck in it but it’s weird seeing all the previous work done on it tho

Got up at 5am to start an MMP and looks like there are a lot of early birds today…good on ya, BBBoo.

Rainy here too. But reason I’m up so early is that (1) the meatloaf dinner I had last night is sitting heavily in my middle and (2) about 2 am I realized (and got up to confirm) that I had left my credit card there in one of those pads they use to bring out the bill…it has a space to stick your card in, and while I picked up my receipt and signed the copy, I never took the card back out. So they open at 11am, will be there by 11:01am at the latest.

shady, yikes! Hope you can get the space filled in. Take care.

Yankers (can’t remember pullin’s MMP name), hope your insurance covers that. Sounds awesome in a horrible way…

OK, I think I need to go back to bed. All y’all have a good Moanday (although it doesn’t seem to be starting well for many–I blame FCM

Holy crap - someone listened to me??? :open_mouth: Good job, BBBoo!! :confetti_ball:

At the risk of cursing my streak, I think I had a third consecutive good night of sleeping. Once I’m done breakfasting, I’m going to tread the mill - haven’t done that in a while, and since the RoxStar won’t be here till around 10, I’ve got some quiet time to do it.

It’s overcast and we’re promised rain this afternoon and evening. I hope so - otherwise I’ll need to drag the sprinkler around tomorrow morning on the new grass seed I just flang about. It’s not so much a difficult chore as something I just don’t like to do. But I want the grass to fill in the nekkid spots and that requires sprinklage.

Once Roxy gets here, we’ll head to the basement and I’ll do laundry and take down all the shelving and other crap on the walls while she plays and demands my attention. Her foam puzzle rug arrives tomorrow - I think that will keep her occupied for hours! At least I hope it will. Anyway, that’s the plans for today.

Happy Moanday! And thanks, BBBoo!! :kissing_heart:

Good morning one and all. I was up and at 'em at 3:45 mainly because the husband’s tossing and turning were getting on my last damn nerve and I figured it was just better to get up.

I completed a bunch more weeding yesterday and the bin is full up, so I can’t really do any more until it’s emptied or the stuff in there “cooks” down a bit. I don’t think that will happen as it’s not going to be particularly warm in the next week or two. We have a 40% chance of rain and an expected high of 56 today.

I also did several loads of laundry to include the sheets. It’s always nice sliding into a freshly laundered sheets.

My whole left side is sore, along with my back. My aches and pains are weird.

It’s rainy here in western Mitten State, too.

We have a meeting today at work with our new Corporate Overlords. (The store where I work got bought out … they keep calling it a “merger” but their name will be on the sign, their new rules enforced, their dress code put into place.)

But I stayed up way too late last night, and between that & the incoming storms, I have a terrible headache. Yay.

Happy Moanday indeed.

I have laundered the sheets that Taz peed on - my fault entirely. I neglected to scoop the cat box yesterday, and after I changed the sheets, I flang the dirty ones down the stairs. Taz availed himself of the pile o’sheets on the basement floor. But they are now clean and in the dryer, the box has been scooped, and I tread the mill for an hour while re-watching episode 1 of Bridgerton. And I watered the mums in the planters on the front porch. They’re under the porch roof, so rain doesn’t reach them, alas.

Waiting for the arrival of my favorite 3-y/o. FCD is still abed. Higgs has been out and got a cookie. The sounds of chainsaws fill the air - I heard a tree crashing down a bit ago. Such is the moment at FairyChatEstates!


Sunny day here in SoCal. The week will bounce between 90 and 72 for a high and not a cloud in the sky. That will change, but not the temps. Rousted out of bed way too early this morning by Pixel puking all over the blanket and Caelan scratching to get let out of the closet, where he managed to get himself trapped. Silly felines!

Short day for classes, then outside to do more yard work. Busy, busy, busy. Hope everyone has a safe, productive and more than anything FUN week!

You did good, boo!

I’ve got the day off today - sorta, kinda. I just have to jump on the one meeting, which is nice. Overlyboy’s birthday is today. I’m proud of him and a little devastated because as part of his birthday he wants to take his driver’s permit test. I still remember feeling his squirmy little butt moving around under my rib cage. And now he’s four inches taller than me, has a man voice and a 'stache and is getting ready to drive??

Anyway, 'tis sorta bright outside right now, around 70F. The weatherguy says storms tonight, though. I’m headed off to get the birthday ice cream soon.

Ya done fine Boo. Starting the MMP is sorta like starting a footrace. All ya gotta do is fire the starters pistol, everybody else does the running. Even I started one, back in 2006.

We’re back in the valley. Came back Saturnday. Sunday I ran a bunch of errands and went to the stores for provisions and drugs. This morning I need to go back to one of the stores to get one more drug and some mozzarella (I forgot) for pizza tonight. Tomorrow we hope our new lawnmower is fixed and I can mow the yard. It’s a jungle out there. Unlike Swampy, we do have the worst looking yard in the neighborhood, surpassing the kids across the street, who usually have that honor.

Right now I’m waiting for the dryer to finish the load of towels it’s working on so’s I can replace them with the contents of the washer. Then I can shower and dress and go about my lawful occasions.

I think I’ll ride my ancient recumbent bike and catch up on some This Old House on the DVR while I wait.

I read a story this morning about how the Norwegians are supposed to be the happiest country on earth 'cause they have lower expectations. Having known some Norwegians and been married to one at one time, I dunno.

Y’all have a good, and safe, week out there.

Why didn’t I find this thread the first four times I went down the MPSIMS list?

58 and light rain; high 67, low tonight 52. Rain is expected to continue through Wednesday, with up to an inch and a quarter possible. A full day of sloth is planned, but tomorrow will probably include a trip to the store.

Evening all.

It’s just started raining here too, though that’s not a bad thing- it’s been bone dry all April, even the wild plants have been starting to wilt, and the trees were delaying putting leaves out it’s been so dry. I’m hoping we get the proper overnight downpour we were promised. This area is known for being a lot drier than my old area (which was a contender for the wettest bit of England), but still, an April with no rain was a bit much.

My main news from the last few days are that the housemates from heck have gone :tada:! They moved out at the weekend! I am definitely enjoying the reduced noise levels and not having the thermometer turned up to max at random. On the down side, now that they’ve removed all their stuff from the shared areas (even more stuff than I thought it was), I can see quite how filthy much of the place is, so I think I’ll have to do some proper defilthifying soon, 'cos it’s just nasty.

I was irking today despite the public holiday, but no-one else was, as they’re all on a different contract, so it was even more dull than normal (normally I can at least chat and get second opinions on things). I think I’ve spotted an error that might get me pretty major brownie points with the boss though- unfixed, it had the potential to cause serious problems for the department and has got past multiple other people who really really should have noticed.

Pulley, no?

[quote=“dogbutler, post:2, topic:941267”]
Thunderbolts and lightning, very, very frightening me
:notes::musical_note:loved this!:notes::musical_note:rock poetry be cool!

And here’s yours, kind man :star:

Draws a very accurate picture. Hope all the insurance company wrangling goes easy on you. ‘Spect your roof needs checking too? That’s always fun.

Howdy all. The Moanday shopping is done, Jersey Mike’s sub has been consumed, and credit card recovered at Logan’s. Finished off the morning by filling my gas tank, so that should be good for another month. Nappage is possible shortly prior to soccer practice.

Nut, glad the bad neighbors are history. And gather those brownie points at every opportunity.

Herald, think you are right, and even if you’re wrong it’s better than mine…

OK, definite nappage required. Take care all.

Amazing, isn’t it, how the little critters do that? And in about 4 years he’ll start telling you what you ought to do, as if his turning 20 caused you to lose all your marbles. I still maintain having kids is the most joy you can have and I’m sticking to it.

Sounds like a whole lotta cats have caused a whole lotta Mumper laundry overnight. Maybe it’s all the storms upsetting their delicate sensibilities. My cats don’t need a meteorological excuse, they just hork up semi-digested kibble on my morning path to the bathroom. Somehow they can always avoid the pile of hork whilst twining around my stumbling ankles but I step in it every time. Then I hear the other two snickering and giggling in the far corners of the room. Little beasts, can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em. Happy laundry day to all, though~my bed is due too. Time to switch out the electric mattress pad, flannel sheets and down comforter for cool, smooth cotton sheets and a selection of layering blankets. The kittehs will miss the down duvet, it’s their favorite nest spot. If they like it so much they can grow their own feathers.

Pretty sure my yard holds that distinction. My yard guy stopped by last week and said he’d be here this past weekend but the rain kiboshed that. Now I’ll have to wait a day or two for things to dry a bit and hope he shows. He’s kind of a vagabond but the price is right and he’s a gentle soul in a tough situation.

I have one of those neighbors next to me who likes to report people to the city for the slightest thing. I expect my yard will be next. I don’t care~dandelions have to live too.

You go, girl!:tada::confetti_ball:. Glad the neighbors from hell moved on~quick, claim some of the cleared space while the getting is good. Hope their replacements turn out to be shy divinity students who moonlight as knitting pattern reviewers for Introverts International.