It's equinox time again in the MMP!

I welcome autumn, except for the extra darkness part. It’ll be even worse when we change the clocks, but that’s still weeks away. Oh, and the leaf-raking part - that sucks, even tho we have the mulcher-vac to do most of the work.

That’s all I’ve got.

Happy Moanday!

First! It’s good to be juvenile!

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 74 Amurrkin out and cloudy with a predicted high of 84 and rainy for the day. Lots of rain last night as well. Thus, it’s very wet out and about. We shall sloth about today, but tonight is men’s night over to the church house so there we shall be. Steaks are marinatin’ and beer is chillin’ as I post.

Right now, full daylight is around seven-thirty a.m. Not that it matters to me for the most part. Leaf rakin’ is not a worry as we don’t have many trees and can pretty much mulch leaves with the mower.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day! Rah.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

Second! Also good to be juvenile for a bit.

It’s Welcome Week and there are lots of students on campus but so far the office has been quiet. We are now doing three days a week here and two days a week at home, I would have preferred it the other way round but I didn’t get my own way on that one. It’s still quiet in here, there are four of us in the office and the largest number we expect is 6 on a Wednesday although that will change soon as we lose one of our administrators at the end of this week.

The start of the new academic year means autumn is around the corner. Already I am getting up in the dark at 6am to trek over here but the park gates are open by the time I leave home so I still get to use my preferred shortcut. I don’t think I’ll be doing that in winter when it’s still dark on my walk to the station, and I might even have to resort to using the bus instead. I haven’t decided on that one yet, but at the moment I’m cutting through the park and there are still quite a few people around walking/jogging early in the morning.

I love autumn for the cool weather and crispy mornings, less so for the damp weather as our autumns are often quite wet. I might revise my opinion when I have to walk to and from the station three days a week in cold icy conditions!

Good morning everyone.

It’s currently about 51 degrees with an expected high of 68 and cloudy skies.

I like crisp autumn mornings when there’s a bit of frost on the ground and in the air. There’s certain smell in the air (not burning leaves) that I like too. Our autumns are generally wet starting in about mid-October, but we often have a glorious kind of Indian summer period where there is a nice nip in the air the morning, and it warms up enough to wear short sleeves outside.

The visit with the kids and grandkids was very nice. There was a lot of laughter and the grandkids loved all the extra attention. The stew was a rousing success and there was actually very little left!

I work today, am off tomorrow, and then work the rest of the week. I’m not looking forward to the Yakima trip, but I’ll be glad to have it behind me.

Morning all. Woke up about 6:30am to rain pouring down, just like yesterday. According to the weather maps, it’s due to leave around 10am, so I can get my Moanday shopping done and the bills mailed, but may return this afternoon and evening. Rain is 50% likely until Wednesday afternoon, so it isn’t going to dry off anytime soon. On the other hand, the high temperatures will only be in the 70’sF this week, so at least the real hot weather appears to have gone.

I can tell the days are getting shorter with soccer practice; we usually practice 5:30-7pm, when we started in August there was plenty of light, now by 7pm it is starting to get darker and my October we’ll be lucky to practice until 6:30pm. Might see if I can move my 12U boys practice to a lighted field at least one night a week.

boo fae, hope the office stays quiet…even if I know it won’t…

OK, need to get organized for the week. All y’all take care.

Today is my sister and BIL’s 52nd wedding anniversary. My sis is not sentimental. She didn’t think their 50th anniversary was any big deal. Fortunately their children put together a lovely party. Anyway it’s Monday and 228 days until I retire.

Afternoon all.

The weather’s been really nice the last few days- a gentle mizzle of rain yesterday, but other than that it’s been mostly sunny but not hot.

There’s a definite sense of the calm before the storm around the campus- postgrads are around, but the undergrads don’t get here for another week. It looks like I can do the module I wanted, it’s just not showing up as an option online.

Aside from completing registration today- which I think is basically picking up my ID badge- I’m trying to work out the laundry system. I’m a tad peeved about it at present- a laundry service is supposed to be included in the rent, which would be good, except a) everything needs to be labelled, and I mean everything, and b) there’s a fair chance I won’t be able to use it due to my skin reacting to a lot of laundry powders -I’ve never figured out what ingredient is the problem, I just found one that worked for me and stuck with it. Online, it said that there was a self-service option as an alternative for people who would rather do their own, but it didn’t mention that it’s about £3.50 a load… It’s not a huge sum- though it’ll add up over a year- but it would have been nice to mention it, y’know?

Do I label a load of my clothes, buy one of their special laundry bags and see if it makes my skin all flare up?

Skin sensitivity to detergents is a common thing. Maybe the laundry service has an option that allows for a different detergent to be used, Filbert.

I’ve usually signed on to my work computer by now, but I’m just not feeling it today. I don’t really have to start until 6:30, so I’m not “late”, just late for me.

Mornin’ all. Cinnamon didn’t eat last night, but he skarfed some beef stew this morning, and he seems to be feeling better. I think his legs are bugging him, so we’ll put in a call to the vet to see about baby aspirin or something. (When did they stuff an extra “i” into aspirin?)

Anyway, onward! Today will be messing with lots of polycarbonate and hinges. I need to make protective covers for the display drawers for the museum.

I can understand that - we never really do anything for our anniversary. At one point, we’d go to the Japanese steak house every year, but that got boring. My sisters were aghast that we didn’t plan a big to-do for our 25th. It just didn’t matter to us to have a party. We’ll hit 38 in December and since FCD will be recovering from knee #2, we may completely forget this one.

And we’re back from therapy. The hardware store down the other end of the strip mall opens at 8, and FCD wanted me to find a #10 hex bolt for him - he’s using some in his current design and he wanted to be able to touch on for some reason… whatever. :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, they didn’t have any. I went up and down the aisle twice. One of the employees came to help, but he pointed me to the M10 bolts. There’s a little difference between a #10 and 10mm, so nope. Then his boss came over and, again, pointed to the M10 drawer. So I left. C’mon, guys, if you’re selling hardware, at least know the difference between standard and metric bolts. Sheesh.

Now, what to do today. I’ve got to mow either today or tomorrow, because rain is due on Weds. And I’d like to get the windows washed. The grass is wet at the moment - I’ll mow later. And it’s in the low 60s - I’m not playing in water till it warms a bit. Guess I’ll veg a while. :grin:

I’m pretty sure it’s always been spelled that way… Hooked on Phonics fail!

My 25th anniversary was in 2020. Need I say more?

We’re opposites! :smiley: (I like the darkness.)

WetOne congrats to Sis and YAY! for impending retirement.

Maybe just a few things as a test run?

We didn’t do anything for our 25th, and probably won’t for our 30th. Part of the issue is that 'Beamer was born on our anniversary, so he’s taken over. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I need to find some packing tape. I’m returning a popcorn maker we got that doesn’t get hot enough to pop the kernels completely. I know we’ve got 50 billion rolls of the stuff, but where is it…

Today I have paperirk to do, but also a bad headache. We’ll see how it goes.

Happy Moanday everyone!

Ugh - The Equinox is this week. I really do not like it when the days are shorter than the nights. At least with my office closed, I no longer have to drive home in the dark at five o’clock. I do not think there is anything more depressing.

This weekend, Squeaky and I went to Knoxville to visit Fang. He is doing really well at school. He has a good network of friends, and AFROTC seems to be providing a good support system. His roommate apparently spends most nights at his girlfriend’s, so Squeaky got to spend Friday night in the dorm. Aside from the communal bathroom, he enjoyed it. Saturday, Fang used one of his free passes, so Squeaky could eat at the dining hall for breakfast. That is one hell of a spread there. It beats the pants off the dining hall at NC State in the late eighties. We all hung out, and Fang showed us where all his classes were. We watched the pre-football parade (which was rather impressive), had some lunch on the strip, and the two of them played Mario Cart. I think they had missed each other. Saturday night, I took them and Fang’s roommate to dinner at an Indian restaurant which was highly recommended by our next door neighbor. Like usual, they did not steer us wrong. Squeaky and I dropped them off and headed back to our hotel, where we collapsed and slept hard. Sunday morning, we took Fang to McDonald’s for breakfast. That is his second favorite breakfast place, after Bojangles. We jumped in the car and drove home. In the rain. For three and a half hours.

Mrs Magill was contacted by the local Community Theater. They had found out that she had sound experience and I had electrical and stage manager experience. The PSM for their current production had just lost both her parents to Covid. We were going to meet with the AD last night, but she had to cancel because she has pneumonia. Red Flags galore. We’ll meet via Zoom later this week. Unless they have a serious Covid protocol in place, I’ll have to take a hard pass.

I’m listening to the rain come down outside, and I am over it. I wish there were a way to send it out west where it is needed.

I hope everyone has a good week.

Mrs. L.A. decided she’s going to return the patio heater. Of course after asking three times if she wanted to return it and receiving negative answers, the boxes went into recycling last week; so I’ll need to buy a box to return it in.

Happy Day, Mumpers! Getting ready for the trip to Seattle. More later.

If anything can go wrong it will - Murphy’s Law
Murphy was an optimist - O’Toole’s commentary on Murphy’s Law
Both SSLAWs were broke, and it took 30min just to get one up. Then the whole belt system went down. Then they sent just about everyone home but the supervisors and a few insanededicated employees like me. Glad I’m not management. :laughing:

Tell me about it. I had a friend pretty much just eat Captain Crunch for 2 years. But glad Squeaky enjoyed.

Happy countdown, WetOne!

For everyone who likes the fall, this song, Harvest Time, by Bob Hadley, based on the song Shady Grove, might be worth a listen. Hadley is a guitarist along the lines of Leo Kottke and John Fahey, both of whom he played with. Don’t know if he’s done anything since the 1980s, but I always break out this tune in the fall.

Of course, if you don’t like the fall and winter’s approach, there is Joni Mitchell’s Urge for Going. I like the Dave Van Ronk versions the best.

It can’t decide today whether to be sunny and gorgeous or cloudy, humid and kinda gross. Such a picky day, but seems to be leaning toward cloudy & humid.

I had a Big Meeting at 8 and was given about 5 minutes to familiarize myself with the slides before presenting (someone else was going to present but her kiddo was sick). I did okay - didn’t shove my foot in my mouth, which is a plus.

Next task: development meeting with the boss lady. I’d rather not. I know what she’s going to ask because they’d be the same questions I’m expected to ask during development meetings. Guess I’d better have answers. Bleh.

BTDubs, tonight is not just a full moon, it’s a harvest moon.