It's equinox time again in the MMP!

Afternoon all. Shopping and lunch have both been completed, and filled up my gas tank (22.6 gallons today, $70!). Soccer practice has been cancelled due to all the rain the past couple of days, so I am at loose ends this afternoon/early evening.

talky, glad the meeting went well. Have had those “here’s the charts, you have 5 minutes” situations in my life, good on ya for handling it.

doggio, Wizard, I dimly remember my cafeteria in Ohio 45 years ago–I do remember subsisting on ‘weiner winks’ (a hot dog wrapped in half a grilled-cheese sammich), which to the best of my memory I have never eaten again. And Wiz, glad Fang and Squeaky enjoyed the weekend with you.

wet one, congrats on the sister’s 52nd…but I suspect you’re watching that 228 number a lot closer…

OK, onward into the afternoon.

Take it out of her allowance?

@nellie HAPPPY BIRTHDAY! May you have all the things and good times and happiness!

I will take a listen. We’ve a fondness for guitar players in this house.

talky congrats on surviving surprise presentation. Those suck.

Ha! We have an arrangement. She keeps the money she earns and spends it how she wishes. I keep the money I earn and spend it how I wish… and pay the mortgage, and the household expenses, and groceries and dinners out, and…

I’ll take a ‘lunch break’ soon and take the heater apart. Mrs. L.A. has ordered a new one – from Lowe’s this time – that she will pick up after seeing her patient this afternoon. She’ll buy a couple of tanks of propane too. I’ve put the tanks in her RAV.

I charged my new phone Saturday. I’ve barely used it (because I barely use my phones), and right now the battery is at 63%. Historically, batteries and I do not get along. My previous phone would only last a few hours. That my new one is still 63% charged after two days just amazes me.

In other news, some guy named Miguel is supposed to come over today to look at our roof for replacement. Mrs. L.A. told him we probably won’t be able to afford it (phone estimate was at least 14 kilobucks) until Summer. There’s no way I can save that much by then. I may have to take out a home-improvement loan. The good news is that I only owe 21 kilobucks on my mortgage. (Should have the house paid off around October 2025.)

@The_Stainless_Steel_Rat, that same fillup here in California would have run you $90+. Just FYI.

So I should plan to drop trou at my 'mater plants tonight??? :open_mouth:

Just finished driving John Deere around the property. Not enough motivation to do the ditches, tho. I’ll save that treat for tomorrow.

Supper will be burgers sans buns. And there’s some peach crisp left over from Saturday, so dessert!

But mostly a lazy day. With all the windows open.

Gas here has jumped to $3.099. Dammit. Not that we drive all that much any more. And if we fill on Thursdays at certain stations, we can save a nickel a gallon.

OK, back to chillage.

:notes::musical_note::tada::partying_face::confetti_ball::birthday: happy birthday to you :musical_note::notes: happy birthday to you :birthday::confetti_ball::partying_face::tada::notes::musical_note:

I know you didn’t get to play today on your natal day so here’s hoping you can make up for lost celebration tomorrow.

I’m so :grinning: you were born!

I hope that Cinnamon’s appetite continues to improve VanGo :skritches:


Krop (we really need to figure a name out for you), I like the spin on Shady Grove. One of my favorite autumn songs is from a good local Celto-eclectic band The Secret Commonwealth Scarecrow Walking

Happy birthday nellie!

Irked, came home and did the usual. Such excitement!

Nelson reminded me a minute ago that we had left his lovey, Rocky, in the bedroom. They’ve since been reunited. :slight_smile:

Stay safe and healthy y’all!

Howdy Y’all! Home from men’s night over to the church house. 'Twas fun, as usual, and a good time was had by all. We et outside as the weather was nice enough to cooperate.

And now this…



A most happy birthday, Nellie

FCM, that’s what I paid (3.09.9/gal) but for the mid-grade (89 octane) here in Ali-bama. Should have gotten an .03/gallon discount but forgot to present my Kroger card…

Seanette, ouch!!

flyboy, luck on your roof. Got mine done about 3 years ago, can’t remember what it cost but it wasn’t cheap.

Decided to do my once-a-month trip to 5 Guys (I’d weigh 400 lbs. if I ate there as often as I wanted to…). Twas good as always. Now home and will watch some tackleball here in a bit, maybe tune in the Manning brothers for commentary.

Everyone have a good night/morning.

Happy birthday, @nelliebly! :tada:

Fall is my favorite, so I’m happy about this week’s change of season. :smiley:

The rest of my time in NYC was awesome — even the baseball game, despite the fact that the Yankees suck this year. The weather was beautiful, and our seats were in the shade the whole time. Mostly it was really great to spend time with my uncle and his wife. Yesterday was a long day, and there was stop-and-go traffic at several points on the drive home. When I finally got back I didn’t have enough oomph to go to the grocery store, but I did manage to wash everything from the trip. Dinner tonight was pizza; groceries are being delivered tomorrow. :slight_smile:

I was very happy to pick my doggy up from the kennel this afternoon! All she’s done since she got home is sleep…five and a half days of boarding…my poor exhausted girl. I expect her to mostly sleep tomorrow, as well, but it’s still really good to have her in the house again.

I’m looking forward to being home all day tomorrow. This afternoon I had a pre-surgery test, and Wednesday morning I have a consult for my another one, but tomorrow I get to spend all day at home for the first time in a week.

This is a non-judgement zone. It’s between you and the 'maters.

I believe ours was ~$12K several years ago, but that’s CA for you.

Hmm - Groove (for the tunes)?

Very slow day at irk, mini-CTPMO on the bus home. Elderly guy had a tantrum because he hadn’t given the driver enough notice to safely stop where desired. Couple of teen jackasses yelping and yodeling so loud I was having trouble hearing my earbuds at the other end of the bus. Ugh.

Mrs. L.A. picked up the new heater from Lowe’s. In the meantime, I deconstructed the faulty one. The new one is differently designed, and I like it better. I assembled it whilst The Missus had some leftover spaghetti. I had a salad with mozzarella cheese and salami while she peeled the chrink-wrap off of the reflector. (I took it off of the body.) She went to the hardware store for two tanks of propane. I brought them in and… It works! :slight_smile:

I packed the faulty unit for return to Amazon in the box the new one from Lowe’s came in.

Here’s hoping :crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3:the new one continues working well and you don’t ever need to box it up for return.

Wishing both of you many pleasant :clinking_glasses: under the warmth.

Happy birthday, nellie!

I like autumn because I get tired of the brutal summer heat, but I don’t like how fast it gets dark. Before I retired, I was working in a windowless cube farm so I didn’t really notice it getting dark until I walked out the door. Now I can watch twilight and the sunset, so that’s nice. I’d still like more daylight, though. At least we don’t do that foolishness with the clocks like some folks.

Gas is still under 3 bucks a gallon, but it usually goes up this time of year because the demand goes up.

A good friend of hubs has a bad heart (and smokes tobacco, as well as refuses to get jabbed) and called hubs to take him to the ER yesterday. He’s bad enough that they kept him last night and are keeping him tonight as well. I’m pretty worried about him, its like he’s committing slow suicide.

I spent most of today working on my project, it’s a lot of fun and I’m starting to get attached to it. If it turns out as well as I think it will, I’m going to find a wall spot to hang it.

And too mini a grumble for the mini-rants thread: how does a takeout place packing a DoorDash order decide not to bother including napkins? Nice going, WingStop.

I don’t really like burning propane when it’s 60º out. But if it makes The Wife happy,…

Happy birthday Nellie Belly!

PACKERS WIN!!! :cheese: :cheese: :cheese:

Happy Birthday nellie!!! :birthday: :birthday: :birthday:

Thank you, everyone, for the birthday wishes! I really lucked out when I found all of you, and I’m so grateful for all your kindness. I don’t know where I’d be without you, but I know I wouldn’t be smiling so much.

Aside from the doctor’s appointment, today was really a wonderful day. (Doc ordered tests, referred me to yet another specialist, and told me to hang in there. He thinks it’s an autoimmune mast cell disorder. ) My friend took me to a wonderful seafood restaurant over Puget Sound. I had a scrumptious crab cake sandwich and the best sweet potato fries I’ve ever had. I asked the nice waiter for a box, which he promptly brought over and took away my plate! I wanted to let it go, but my friend said nonsense. So the waiter brought me another sandwich and fries, boxed up and ready to go. I felt bad for him, but he assured me it didn’t come out of his check.

I am SO blessed! I got THREE bouquets, and a lot of lovely gifts, cards, and phone calls. Not sure how I got so lucky. It’s humbling. I miss my Someone Very Dear, who always called or texted on my birthday. Next year, it’ll be easier.

My sister gave me a bluetooth knit hat, so in cold weather, I can wear it while walking around and stay warm while I’m talking on the phone. I’m DYING to tell someone, “I have to go recharge my hat.” :slight_smile:

I’ve read all but retained little. I’ll do better tomorrow. Promise.

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Off to heave. The weather is supposed to cool down starting today. Time for False Fall!