It's equinox time again in the MMP!

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN 'Tis 73 Amurrkin out and mostly clear (partly murky?) with a predicted high of 89 and maybe rain. Or not. TWPTB are in willy-nilly mode. The big item on today’s agenda is laundry. Both of us brought home part of our steak last night so that plus some kind of vegetative matter shall be sup. Maybe scalloped N.O.T. and green beans. That would be easy.

Nellie glad you had a good bday.

And now this…



Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day! Rah,

Happy Tuesday Y’all!

Happy Nellie Day! Sounds like you had a good one!

Our roof is now 11 years old. We got what were purported to be 30-year shingles. I guess we’ll see in another decade, assuming we still live here. We had gutters, windows, siding, and trim all replaced at the same time, and the whole shebang came in just under $30K. And that was right after we paid $8K for a new well. We were still working and well-paid at that point, so all we needed was a short-term loan. If we had to do it today, we’d be cracking into our retirement slush fund.

I went to college in Indiana and the clocks didn’t change then (do they now??) but my TV schedule would change. I liked when we were on Central time - I didn’t have to stay up too late on a school night. Of course, whenever I called my folks, the first question usually was “What time is it there?” Come to think of it, they asked the same when I was in California…

And Happy Ooopsie Day! I’d like a piece of cake with extra frosting, please! :wink:

I think today’s biggest chore will be mowage of ditches and the hill, tho I may whack the hill instead, since the whacker weighs a lot less. We shall see. And I didn’t get around to the windows the other day, so I may take a crack at that also… maybe I should say crack and windows in the same sentence?

And, of course, I’ll run FCD thru his exercises. He’s doing really well. Some of the stretches hurt his back, but then lots of things hurt his back, poor guy. I wish we had a hot tub - I’m sure that would help. A hot tub helps a lot of things!

This coming weekend is the county fair, and I’m going with my daughter and Roxy. SIL has to work and FCD just isn’t up for it. I wish we could rent a scooter for the day, altho I don’t know how we’d transport it. Anyway, since my daughter is in charge of the yearbook this year and her school will be participating in the parade, she’ll be taking photos so I’ll be wrangling Roxy for part of the time. Then we’ll look at animals and maybe let her go on a couple of rides. The weather promises to be perfect.

This weekend is also hazardous material amnesty day at the landfill - we’ve got a bunch of old cans of paint to get rid of. I need to get them loaded into the truck before Firday. So much busy ahead.

Happy Tuesday!!

Happy birthday Nelly and Oopsie!

Happy day to all the birthday kids! In a couple of weeks, I’ll be joining you on this our latest trip around the sun.

I too welcome the approach of autumn. But it doesn’t really start to feel autumn-y around here until well into November. My birthday, even though it’s in October, is usually on a scorcher of a day. I’m jealous of y’all who are already getting crisp days and rain.

On a health note, did you know that women can get jock itch too? I do - now. The doc told me to ditch the snug-fitting yoga style pants when I work out and try to find some loose-fitting cotton shorts. Just try to find such a thing nowadays. Women’s workout bottoms are all yoga pants or little polyester running shorts cut right up to your ass. I’ll keep looking.

Would these work for you? I used to wear similar shorts when doing grubby chores around the yard, and my husband is practically living in them since his surgery since they’re easy to get on and off.

Afternoon, mumpers!

Happy Nellie Day and also Happy Oopsie Day too - I didn’t get in here yesterday and I’m in a different time zone so you will just have to still be having a birthday today! More cake, right?

Irk is irksome, too much to do, not enough people to do it, and now I have to commute three days a week. I am still avoiding the bus while the weather’s decent enough for the walk to and from the station near home (it’s about a mile so it’s a nice walk to start and end the day). Now the trains are getting much busier and mask-wearing is almost non-existent which makes me far less comfortable around people. I got on a mainline train this morning and had to walk through the entire 7 standard class carriages just to find an unoccupied pair of seats so I could at least keep some distance from everyone else. The second train from city to campus wasn’t much better either.

Grocery shopping tonight which will be another kind of joy since we have brexit shortages, lorry driver shortages and now CO2 shortages all leading to dire predictions of the cancellation of Christmas!

Happy days…

Good morning everyone.

Belated happy birthday wishes, nellie! I’m glad you had a wonderful day.

Work was stupid busy and started with a bang. But, I took care of the myriad of problems for the day, took care of some YE stuff, and made it through the day. I have today off and am tossing around the idea of going to the store, but I don’t know if I really want to do it. I should run my Jeep through the car wash so that I can at least knock the dust off the windshield. It’s not overly dirty, but I like driving with a clean windshield.

I didn’t get up at 3:30 today; yay! I slept in until 5:00 and then got up. I had been waking up every so often anyway, so just got up. Besides, Polar needed his meds.

I have to teach my husband my trick for getting pills down Polar’s throat. He will need to give him meds Wednesday evening, twice on Thursday, and on Friday morning. It could be that Polar is just used to me giving him his pills. He really doesn’t give me a fight, so it makes the job relatively easy.

Unknown sorry about your hubby’s friend. I hope he sees sense soon.

Happy Birthday Oopsie! May your day be merry and bright!

nellie I’m glad your day was a good one, despite the dr’s visit. The restaurant sounds nummy!

moomm I need to figure out if we get an amnesty day here. I’ve got a few things that need to go. If not, I need to call a junk hauler.

Really? People are silly.

taters my mom started giving her dog cat treats after the pills. She loves cat treats, for mysterious doggie reasons.

It’s trash day, and I can report that we did indeed get the trash cans out last night. I’m wrangling 'Beamer for another 15 minutes until the bus gets here, listening to the trash trucks making their rounds.

Today I still have paperirk to do. We’ll see. Right now I just want to get back into bed. Also, Pixel has a vet check up today. We’ll see if his kidney numbers have improved at all, now that he’s eating the right food.

Happy Toesday everyone!

Happy (Belated) Birthday, nellie! I’m so glad to hear it was a good one.

Today is dreary as all get out. We had some lovely thunderstorms last night, but at some points they were loud enough to shake the whole house so I’ve been awake more or less since 3 a.m., primarily because once I was awake I realized my butt hurt from not running last night. So I had to get up and walk around the house then went back to bed (sorta).

Anyway, it’ll be a weird one today. I’d rather skip it.

Happy Toosday!

Happy belated Birthday to Nellie!
And Butters if she were here to see it.

Happy Birthday Ooopsie!

Nice morning at the park, except Echo started to show her ass again.
This new dog wasn’t putting up with her nonsense. I don’t know what her problem is, because there were two new dogs and the one that was jumping all over me, she was okay with. I think that one wanted me to take him home with me. The other one she got an attitude and he got an attitude right back at her.
She was on my shit list already. My son called at quarter to four to pick him up from irk. It took me almost 10 minutes to get Echo into the truck. Something was in the yard and she was running around sniffing everywhere.

I ordered some cbd calming treats for her.
We’ll see if they irk.

Ordered groceries this morning to pick up this afternoon.
I really need to do laundry, probably not today though.
The house is a mess because I have been super lazy and sleeping a lot.

Morning all. Stayed in until after 8am today, so starting late. Rain is in the forecast, so soccer practice may get rained out again. I need to contact my players anyway, Fall Break here in Ali-bama goes from 4-8 October with the schools closed and some folks use it as a late-season getaway. So I need to check if I’ll have enough players for my Saturday games.

Happy Birthday Oopsie!! Sounds like you enjoyed getting to New York.

**boo fae, Taters, ** hang in their with work. Of course, being a retired gentleman of leisure, I can say that…

nellie, sounds like you had an adventurous and happy birthday. Wonderful.

unknown, I think we all know (or have known) folks too stubborn or set in their ways to change. I could stand to lose…pounds…but since I haven’t had any health problems…yet, I don’t really work hard at it. Best wishes to husbands friend.

OK, need to break my fast and be about the day. All y’all take care.

Have been feeling very poorly. It’s like I’m absorbing all these bad vibes from other people - had to call out of work yesterday, due to what seemed to be a case of carbon dioxide acidosis.

Hands clenched into an immovable claw, feet cramping, the works. Wound up collapsing on the floor, which wasn’t a comfortable way to spend the next few hours.

I feel very slightly better today. It’s pouring in the Mitten State, so I’m simply lying next to an open window, listening to the rain. And an occasional bird, who is not about to be deterred from singing The Song Of His People.

… and checking in with y’all.

They have pockets! :heart_eyes:

Heaving went well. Even the Senior Shouting Officer wasn’t shouting.

: The Grinch likes this idea :

Happy Birthday, Oopsie!

Alex Catt likes to sing back to the birbs when I have the windows open.

Week 5 of 7 of radiation treatments started yesterday and all the predicted side effects dodged so far hit with a vengeance! Nothing worse than what I might get eating fast food at a food court, but I don’t show up the next day at the food court asking for another helping. Googling “sitz bath,” :joy:

Hummingbirds in the fountain are actually hovering and sticking their feet straight out into the spray, which is adorable. Weather looks lovely, I can live with the federal election results but sorry we don’t look more like Soviet Canuckistan (by that I mean more left-leaning politicians who would deliver on cheap daycare, pharmacare, dental coverage for all, etc.) but the struggle continues.

Off to iron shirt before heading to rad treatment: one of the technicians said they really appreciated that I took the time to dress up a little rather than show up unwashed and grubby. I found that interesting. And the emotional labour they perform, remaining cheerful and upbeat is hard work, so if a little ironing helps, I’m in.

BooFae - per your request in FB, I posted a virtual tour of FairyChatEstates via John Deere. Anyone else who’d like to see it, if you’re not on FB, message me and I’ll send you a link.

Ditch mowage is done as well as some weed pullage. I’m nearly done with the squares for my latest afghan, so I may finish them and assemble the whole thing. Onward!

Happy (belated) birthday Nellie and (current) birthday Oopsie!

First day of classes today. We were straight in on lectures, with only a very minimal dithering around waffling induction.

I knew there were only going to be a small group of people on the same course, but it appears there are only 2 others… We mix and match a lot with other courses, so it won’t be as tiny a class size as that sounds very often, but given that this uni is the only place that teaches this topic at postgrad level in the UK or Ireland, that’s a bit crazy. Maybe good for my future employment options, but still crazy.

I’m thinking I might walk to the local shop, as I’m out of ice cream/cake. Obviously a terrible state of affairs, which cannot be allowed to continue, but I don’t need to do a proper shop.

I’m sorry to hear this. I didn’t know you were ill. As a formerly pregnant person, I know all about sitz baths. I recommend instead hefty smearing of antibiotic ointment. It keeps the, err, chafing down. I hope the radiation continues to go well.

@Buttercup_Smith Should you happen to see this, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Best wishes and long distance hugs from me!

Thanks! I feel great, except tire easily, and of course the “side effects.” Good to hear about the sitz bath from a satisfied customer. With enough duct tape, I should be able to install it on my office chair and be good to go! Er, as it were.

Bought a timer for the fountain so it will go on and off by itself, coordinated to the hummingbirds’ schedules. The “fountain” is a very large “dish” of the kind you put under plant pots. The first pump was solar powered, but with the shortened daylight hours, have gone with a plug-in model because the hummers get pretty indignant if they show up and the water isn’t running.

What is the topic?

Umm, I’m actually not going to say, sorry- simply because that would effectively be declaring a) where I live and b) pretty much who I am to anyone prepared to do a 30 second search. Not that I’m bothered about Mumpers knowing, but this is still a public site.

I could PM you though if you really care so long as you promise to only use that information to post me chocolate and/or booze :wink:

The local shop does indeed do both ice cream and cake- crisis averted.