Fear Factor Full Frontal - Would You?

Once again stretching the limits of Cafe Society –

How many people caught Fear Factor last night?

One of the stunts required you to take it all off, walk down a runway and stand on a revolving turntable for a couple of minutes with hands on hips in front of a big crowd with cameras.

Would you have done it?

The contestants had some fun with it. The guys were mainly worried about their “package” but one of the girls actually did cartwheels down the runway.

Me? Sure I’d do it, but I don’t think the producers would’ve scheduled that stunt for the week I was going to be on it. A nude duck is not a pretty thing.

Hex, yeah, I’d do it. In a heartbeat. I’d do it for $5,000, maybe even less than that, as broke as I am right now! I’d do it before I’d do MOST of the things they have to do on that show (admittedly, I’ve only seen HALF of an episode of that show, but I have seen the commercials).

I mean, hey:

a) it doesn’t involve physical strength or endurance (neither of which I have)

b) there’s not an EWWWWWWWWWW! factor (for ME, anyway… don’t know about the audience), which is good because I have a weak stomach, and

c) I’m the Family Exhibitionist anyway–I’m sure my family would love it if I could make a buck or two off of showing my ninnies (on a one-time basis)!

I’m in, man, just tell me where and when.

Sure. I’m comfortable with the appearance of my naked body and I’ve visited nude beaches numerous times so it wouldn’t be a big deal at all. The cash would be welcome, but I don’t know where I’d put it without pockets.

Anyone paying me to be naked would be getting the short end of the stick…er…the shaft…er…screwed…er…


Hosed, maybe? :wink:

It was hard to ignore that they almost all had fantastic bodies. The only one that couldn’t get a job as an underwear model was covered with tattoos, so at least he was interesting to see naked. Personally, I think the stunt would have been more effective if they’d posted uncensored pictures of the event on the internet. I’d surely love to see through the fog that was cloaking those ladies.

Of course I’d do it (though I agree that the producers wouldn’t want to schedule it if I was on). Actually, they’ve never done anything on that show that I wouldn’t do for 50 kilobucks.

In some cases, of course, I’d have to balance my willingness to do the thing against my chances of winning. While most of the stunts look like something I’d do for the experience anyway, I wouldn’t want to eat cockroaches if I had no chance of completing all the stunts. I really feel bad for the girl that ate one and a half roaches and left with nothing to show for it. This show should really have consolation prizes.

I was surprised at how lame that stunt turned out. Everyone had zero problems doing it, and it wasn’t even fun to watch.

Personally, I would do it. Only the people in the room get to see the goodies. With the blurring, the televsion audience doesn’t see any more than they do if you’re in a bathing suit. So you’re naked with complete strangers. Who cares? And it only gets easier as time goes on, not harder.

I’m not one to enjoy getting naked, and I’d still do it. Compared to half the shit they do on that show (eating cockroaches, getting covered in rats, etc…) that would be one that you could actually have fun with (al la cartwheels on the runway.)

Another thing about that stunt. It irritated me when Joe kept calling the turntable a turnstile.

Not if you’re following the old anti-anxiety advice to imagine your audience naked.


I was surprised they even considered this an event. These folks are almost all in amazing shape and are generally willing to (at least try to) eat things like live cockroaches and pig uteri. Walking down a runway naked is supposed to be difficult?

It did have the best line of the night, though, with Joe Rogan (referencing the tattooed guy) shouting, “He’s a grower, not a shower!”

I’d stand out there, naked, for five minutes for $5,000. Then, I’d threaten to stay out there for another 5 minutes unless they gave me an additional grand.

They’d pay, or the crowd would chip in. Hell, I bet there’d be ATM cards and checkbooks flying my way.


I’d do that before some of the other stuff they do on that show.

Hell, never mind the money; I’d do that on a dare. Shoot, I’d probably do that for no reason at all, if there was a roomful of strangers with cameras and I’d been drinking.

“…and I think to myself… What a wonderful world!”

No, because of all the cameras. Those photos are going to be on employee boards, newspapers
magazines, tvshow, whatever, they
could be used in the future against them for whatever purpose. Im sure they are gonna
find some way to make some bucks on those photos/video from that show.

Funny, I remember the first FF show & they gave ads showing this nude thing but it’s been
along time since they showed it.

Talk about stage fright – do I get to wax and tan first?

All the finger-pointing and laughter would deal a crushing blow to my ego. Sure, I might get to laugh all the way to the bank, but what if the teller recognized me and snickered?

Hell, I’ve done a close second to this at the last six DopeFests I’ve been to and every Halloween I went to Put-in-Bay (island in Lake Erie) I wore virtually nothing (a night-shirt and slippers, a cloth diaper and slippers…)

Come to think of it, I got stripped during the pre-Dope before Coldi-Spiny-LADope in October!

I’d do it for money.

I’m not ashamed of my body, although I’ve got every right to be.

A note on the cameras:

Were they really taking pictures? Or was it just a flash to simulate the “runway experience”?

I’d be real hesitant to allow cameras, since those would be all over the internet, and I wouldn’t be able to control that.

Of course, the people that go on these shows are much different than I am, so perhaps this isn’t a worry to them.