"Fear Factor"...what was the friggin point?

So it just came down to who could hold his or her breath the longest?? Doesnt seem fair at all…I thought the point was whoever won was the most daring or brave! Holding one’s breath has nothing to do with that…some people can just do it longer than others, right?

Sorry this is stupid…I just would have been PISSED if I was one of the final contestants. What a pointless show…

Actually, it was about holding your breath and the fear of drowning. When was the last time you were bound and suspended upside-down in a pillar of water? The first guy was out in, what, 19 seconds? You don’t think he could hold his breath for longer than that?

I’ll agree, it was a weak challenge, but there was some difficulty other than just holding your breath. Heck, the only real “fear” factor in last nights show was eating the eyeballs, but every one of them managed that, so…<blech>

Well I wouldn’t have been pissed about having to hold my breath… then again, I’m not afraid of water.

I think before you sign up you tell them your worst fear. Each contestant does this, and then they make a show containing a segment dealing with each person’s worst fear.

If I was scared of water, holding my breath upside down would be terrifying and I would be brave for trying.

No, but I think the show is far too tame though. So far, I haven’t seen anything that I wouldn’t attempt for $50,000.
Then again, there is very little I wouldn’t try for $50,000.

Did I hear correctly in that he said the guy who won the underwater breath holding thing was a smoker? That should piss those other contestants off if nothing else.

“I think before you sign up you tell them your worst fear. Each contestant does this, and then they make a show containing a segment dealing with each person’s worst fear.”

Fear Factor Casting Person: “So, Eve, tell us: what is your worst fear?”

Eve: “Eating Ben & Jerry’s ice cream while shopping at Lord & Taylor’s, while George Clooney waits for me outside in a limousine. Ooooh, I’m getting the heebie-jeebies just THINKING about it!”

All three of those challenges would have been tough for me because I’m very afraid of heights, I don’t like to eat gross weird things, and I’m afraid of drowning. (My palms were sweating just watching those people jump out of that window) Does that mean I would have wussed out if I were a contestant on that show? Hell no. I would have done it no matter how scared I was… $50,000 is a nice chunk of change. The most difficult one would have been eating the sheep’s eyes though. That was downright disgusting.

I’ve noticed the ongoing theme in almost every show is the same.

First Stunt is to weed out the wusses and is generally a physical challenge of sorts.

Second Stunt is almost always an eat a bug or gross thing or lie in it. Either way, it involves grossing people out.

Third Stunt is generally doing something really not easy with a little endurance tossed in for fun.

I was a bit disappointed, too. But FF has some great ones under its belt already. The cargo net challenge was pretty good, as was the two semi jump. The best I’ve seen was the first or second episode, where they had a car hoisted up over the canyon, and they had to get out and climb around on it. Very, very difficult. Definitely would have scared me to try it, although I would have.

Not just a car, but a wet car! Doesn’t get much better than that.

And the sheep’s eyes were pretty darn gross. Especially if you read the behind-the-scenes story on the FF web page. That wasn’t some ready-made imported delicacy. That was sheep’s eyes that were removed from sheep’s heads by the producers and boiled. Uggghh. I think preparing them would’ve been harder than eating 'em.

I know I would be ticked if I was one of the final contestants…

Let’s see, I play tuba, I run Marathons, and am only twenty but I still can’t hold my breath for more than 12 seconds.

What made the whole thing desperately unfair was that they did it in order. Each person following had the advantage of knowing how long they had to hold their breath in order to win. What would have been MUCH more interesting and fair would have been to lower all 6 simultaneously. Or at least 2 at a time!

PS: I would have dropped out at the sheep’s eyes. I would have vomited on the spot.