Fear of flying.

Well, I am in the restaurant closest to the gate where my flight leaves in an hour and a half. Already ate, got all the stuff that I was told I should plan on being two hours early for done. Got out my laptop, and logged on. As a very infrequent flyer, I am kind at a loss. Aside from forgtetting to take off my shoes to come through the magic gate and not knowing that laptops have to be placed in a separate tray for their scanning, I didn’t even commit any twenty-first century Yokel from the Boonies mistakes.

So now, all I have to worry about is if I am gonna be on a 737, and if so, am I in the Patio Seating section?

Adventure in the twenty-first century. As boring as I wanted, so far.


You’ll read this when you land safely.

Those rips in the skin seem to occur in the mid to front portion of the plane and on top of the fuselage. Other than the Aloha flight where the flight attendant got sucked out, I still think you are pretty safe as long as you are belted in your seat. Know where the oxygen mask is located and you are good to go.

When the whole top rips off, make sure you put on your sunglasses. Otherwise it’s really hard to blink with all the wind and your eyeballs dry out. Trust me, I know.

Well, we made it.

The entire plane. All and all an experience to anecdotally refute all the horror stories you hear. We were delayed almost twenty minutes leaving, but were only eight minutes late, and the entire plane made the whole trip.

Thanks for flying along.


nice to hear :slight_smile:

The US airline industry does some 30,000 flights per day. Day in and day out. Yesterday, today, tomorrow, and all the rest.

Very few make the news.

Cover ups, that’s why!

I tells ya, if you see a gremlin on the wing messing with the engine you can yell and scream all you want, but you’ll never see it on the news.