Feats of Strength (a Festivus thread)

So, what feats of strength can you perform?

I can crawl around with my 3 kids on my back.

Top that!

I get up every morning and look in the mirror! Top that. :wink:

I dragged my lazy butt out of bed and into work this morning? Um… I carried a heck of a lot of presents into the house over the past couple weeks? I wrestled a 12-lb turkey out of the oven without burning myself or putting a hole in the disposable roaster tray?

(Yeah, I’m a wuss.)

I get up every morning. Trust me, it’s more of a feat.

I can stop a moving airplane with my bare hands.
Boeing is now building 737’s on a moving line. A battery powered transporter pull the airplane and all the required equipment at about 8 feet per hour. To stop the airplane, all I have to do is push one of the many emergency stop buttons.

I can hammer up Christmas lights using only a small wooden dowl, because my husband seems to have hidden all of the hammers from me. Morgainelf = Thor!!

… Check under the spare tire in the car.

I can carry a whole bundle of roof shingles on my shoulder up a ladder.
Go on, try it yourself. Harder than it looks. Those bundles weigh more than 75 pounds!

I can sling 5 gallon buckets of soil covered in bleach water into the bed of a pickup without getting any bleach stains on my jeans.

I’m at work–dealing with the public–and I have yet to kill anyone.