February 2010 Weight Loss thread

Was looking around for the thread in search (since I have a question to ask) but only saw that there’s a January thread, so I figure perhaps I could start the Feb one and ask my question at the same :slight_smile:

So since last year December I began to exercise once more after being stagnant for a year or so and being perpetually down with flu. I started swimming twice per week and running once per week for over 3 weeks, and just recently changed to working out 4 to 5 days per week (either a 20min jog or an hour of swimming).

So I weigh 160 pounds at the moment; I weighed about the same last month. So I wish to knock down to 143 pounds how long is it going to take?

And I begin to feel really hungry all the time, even after eating (unless I really binge, which I am avoiding). Is that normal?

Existing February thread.

Sigh. Somehow failed my search-fu. Maybe this can be closed?