February shatters heat record world wide

Thought I’d share this CNN article on the current heat wave. For me, personally, this year has definitely been the hottest anyone around here can remember. Last month we were in shorts and shirt sleeves for most of the month, which is unheard of here. This week it’s going to be 60’s and 70’s all week with no break from the warming weather in sight…which seriously sucks for any allergy sufferers, as the plants obviously think it’s spring already have have started pumping out their stuff full bore like 2 months early. :eek: From the article:

But it’s snowing in Boulder so that proves it’s all a hoax.

El Niño is a big driver of the huge spike in global temperatures over the past five months, but not the whole story. El Niño primarily affects surface temperatures in and near the tropics, but the biggest temperature anomalies have been in the arctic circle. Anchorage (albeit 350 miles outside the arctic circle) had to have snow delivered by train for the beginning of the iditarod sled race.

Temperatures won’t stay at this level. For perspective, 2015 was by far the hottest year in NASA GISTEMP records going back to 1880, but February’s anomaly was half a degree (Celsius) higher than that. It will take a couple of decades (I hope) before that’s the new normal. However, climate change deniers have based a lot of their rhetoric on 1998, the last big temperature spike, because that spike hadn’t been exceeded by a significant margin. Well, now it has, and the new spike shows just how much the baseline has changed over the past 18 years.

But climate change is not reaaaaaall. Anyway, Jesus will fix it. :whines:

Not the mildest winter here (middle parts of Sweden) in the last two decades or so (we’ve had a few days with temperatures below -4 F this year) but definitely nothing like the harshest either.
Two years ago, the nearby lake went open on the 1st of April, something unknown of before in living memory. Ain’t gonna happen this year; but there seems to be a good chance it will make it before 1st of May, which is about average.

Of course, the following regression to the mean means that we’re looking at another ‘hiatus’ coming up—‘See? There’s hardly been any temperature increase since 2015!’. :smack:

Your information is sadly out of date. The fact of the matter is that global temperature has been flat since 2015. What’s causing the stall? Was the warmist scare just a statistical anomaly?

Yeah, that’s the cynical theory, and it may be true someday. For now, deniers are mostly arguing that this is just a temporary spike, and cooler temperatures will return soon. However, that essentially means arguing that spikes are significant (1998) and insignificant (2016) at the same time. It seem to me that many of the deniers are just staying silent for now and waiting for more favorable or at least more ambiguous data. After all, not every month or year can set a new record.