Federal Bug in Philadelphia City Hall

The Philadelphia mayoral race has taken an interesting turn in the last couple of days. With the election only weeks away, and very close numbers for the incumbent Democrat and the Republican challenger, an FBI bug was found in the mayor’s office. See here for more detail.

As the former Inquirer columnist Steve Lopez always said, “Pennsylvania, land of giants.”

Thoughts from any Philly area dopers?

Effin’ Street.

Yeah, this is all about the Republicans in Washington trying to take him down so Bush can win Philly (and thus Pennsylvania) next year.

Only possible explanation.

It just keeps getting worse.

Street is a miserable mayor. And he’s under investigation.

OTOH Katz supports numerous things I violently oppose.

I believe the term is Hobson’s choice.

What are the Katz proposals that you oppose?

We moved to the area in 1990, and there were times I wished we lived inside the city limits, especially when Ed was running for mayor (I finally got my chance to vote for him as governor). This year, I’m thankful I don’t have to make a choice.

The one thing that I believe will have some political traction is that the FBI was so quick to say “Nope, not a political dirty trick. Nothing to see here. Move along.” I believe that was called a “non-admission admission” back during Watergate. The only way they could know so quickly who the bug DIDN’T belong to, is if they already knew who the bug DID belong to, i.e., them (or some other law enforcement agency). Without announcing an indictment, or sending a target letter, they have effectively put a big monkey wrench in the Street campaign. It may not have been partisan, but it doesn’t seem very smart, either.

…but on the plus side, neither Street nor Katz has blown up any buildings.

…that we know of.

Yeah – I moved back in '87, Goode vs. Rizzo – that was an election to sit out.

I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that my answer may serve to incriminate me.

Actually, my brain has turned to Swiss cheese as of late and I can’t recall at the moment.

OTTOMH- Katz has repeatedly criticized the Safe Streets program. I know the program isn’t perfect. But all the articles I’ve read on it indicate that it has been successful.

Sorry, Doc – I’m not trying to put you on the spot, I was just curious.

Now they’re running news promo’s saying that Streets laptop got confiscated.

I don’t like Street but I did like when he stood up to police commisioner Timney regarding the cop who was drunk driving and hit a pillar.

I still don’t like him though. Did I already mention that?

I just saw a news ticker that said they raided his home- details at 11, natch.