Mayor to the rescue!

Here in Philadelphia, our mayor is a fellow by the name of John Street. I am NOT a fan of his, I think he has been a terrible mayor (with lots o’ corruption.) But he did do something cool. He and his bodyguards noticed a house fire while walking to City Hall:

I’m just imagining what it must have been like for the neighbors. You wake up on a weekend morning, have a little coffee, you hear a knock on the door. . .

And there’s the freakin’ mayor of Philadelphia telling you there’s a fire and to get the heck out.

And just for the sake of formality, here’s the link (NY Times, reg. req.)

The mayor of Orlando, FL (Bill Frederick) foiled a robbery once. Back in the late 80’s. Kind of exciting. A bit before the advent of the internet though, so no linkee.

Cool. do you remember any details, ILovCoffee?

The mayor of Madison some years back decided to stop a speeder on the Beltline, resulting in a high-speed chase that caught no one, and got the mayor pilloried in the press.

He may be a terrible mayor (with lots o’ corruption) but I am impressed that he walks to work, as well as trying to save people from fires.

Howard Dean, MD, while governor of Vermont, once rendered medical assistance to a badly injured guy - saved his life, IIRC. The governor and his State Police driver happened by the crash scene and stopped to help.

Senator Bill Frist ran to the scene when a gunman opened fire inside the Capitol in 1998. He tried to treat a police officer who sadly later died, and performed CPR on the wounded suspect.

Frist is, of course, a thoracic and transplant surgeon.