Mayor Cory Booker saves Ryan Gosling and box of kittens from burning building!

While Chuck Norris stands there on the sidewalk and cries like a *little girl. *

I am disappointed by the lack of kittens. :dubious:

Reparations. NOW!

Elsewhere I saw him refer to it as a “come to Jesus” moment.

Were he beckoning me into a burning building, I think I’d make sure “Jesus” wasn’t brandishing a pitchfork.

According to the article: He said a member of his security detail tried to restrain him, but the mayor responded, “If I don’t go in, this lady’s going to die.”

The article goes on to say: “When the security man heard the mayor say this, he realized it was okay because they had somehow entered an action thriller movie and the hero and the person he’s rescuing always survive.”

In other “The movie has come to life!” news:

I’ve liked him since the Conan feud (what can I say? I’m shallow.) But now he’s just hot!

Following the widespread reports of Mayor Booker having landed a 747 after both pilots were incapacitated by food poisoning, I’m not at all surprised.

And then there’s this. Vermont pol punching out four bears for raiding his birdfeeders. OK, more like running away screaming once one of them charged, but still. And he really was quoted as telling reporters that “I was within three feet of getting arrrh”, so that’s cool too.

If English was my first language and I was good with puns, I would probably insert some kind of “right to bear arms”-joke here, but I wouldn’t know where to start. Help?

Surely you’re not serious?

Don’t call me Shirley.

I cannot believe no one got a video of Cory bringing that woman out of the flames in a fireman’s carry. That would have been enough for him to be elected King of New Jersey at this point.

He would have to fight The Blob to get *that *title.

I heard a great deal about Cory Booker right after Hurricane Irene last year. Has anyone checked into the possibility that he may secretly be Batman?

You could start with the bumper sticker I used to have on my old Chevy sta wag: “Support your right to arm bears”.

I saw him a few weeks back on Henry Gates’ PBS show ‘Finding Your Roots’ (which had quite an emotional element for the mayor’s father) and he seemed like a very nice, handsome fella who was committed to the community he works for. I wasn’t surprised to hear about his good deed and I wish there were more mayors that set an example like this. For giggles, I give you the Book of Booker Tumblr.

Have you ever been to Newark, N.J.? It’s an act of extreme bravery just to admit you live there, not to mention being mayor.

I know! If he did nothing but pull people from burning buildings in Newark, he’d have no time to govern!

(*Love *the tumblr–Hillary and Cory: When Memes Collide)

Cory Booker reads bedtime stories to Chuck Norris when Chuck has bad dreams.

Yup, toootally. Everyone would risk their lives and run into an inferno. Ain’t no thing.

I wonder what kept the cop that was with him from going after the woman.