Federal Judge Says Vaccines DON'T Cause Autism

Will this convince the anti-vaccines nuts? What does Robert Kennedy have to say? (as a lawyer, would he accept a judge’;s word on a scientific issue)?

Once again, with feeling:

No, nothing will convince the anti-vax folks.

Could we sticky this question/answer?


Link. And, no, of course not. It’ll be looked at as more of the government-run conspiracy designed to…ummm…give kids autism so they can study the effects of mumble mumble mumble…

No, they’re every bit as nuts as the global warming deniers.

You got to look at it this way.

Years back I had a job administering and analyzing surveys for medical patients.

One of these ladies had a kid, and she had him vaccinated and shortly he was diagnosed with autism. She had another kid and she refused to have him vaccinated. Then years later when she had a third kid she had her vaccinated and got the second one vaccinated when he was older. The third child shortly was diagnosed with autism and the second one was still OK.

See what happened. There is NOTHING in the world that will every convince this lady vaccination didn’t cause her children’s autism.

The fact autism has a genetic component to it means nothing to her. To her the facts are vaccinated kids (at young age) = autism. Vaccinated kid at later age = no autism.

True or not, there will be no changing her mind.

Accepting a judges view on a scientific matter, makes as much sense as accepting a scientists view on a legal matter.

You’re right. When it comes to scientific matters, we should listen to actresses and talk-show hosts.

I am mostly shocked that anyone considers Jenny McCarthy an actress…

I am mostly shocked that anyone considers Jenny McCarthy at all…

I am mostly shocked…

I am … mostly

I am.

I think, therefore I am.

“The deck is stacked against families in vaccine court. Government lawyers defend a government program, using government-funded science, before government judges,” Rebecca Estepp, of the Coalition for Vaccine Safety said in a statement.

Does that sound like they’re convinced now?

When I heard this woman make this statement on the news yesterday, I tried to think if there were any judges who aren’t “government judges”.

I mean besides the assorted game show/TV talent show judges and the occasional “Ms. Nude Oklahoma City” pagent judges, who does she want on the panel???

They (the ones convinced that Big Pharma gave their kids autisim) won’t ever learn what they don’t wanna know…

Well there’s Judge Judy. I expect she’s the kind of judge who’d accept “a mother knows” as allowable evidence.

Judge Reinhold?

This report just in:

My 17 yo daughter received her routine meningitis & 1st Gardisil vaccines 1 week ago today and rest assured, all is well. She’s off to university in the fall so there’s 2 less items on the endless list of things I’m freaking out about. Now if only there was a vaccine against men who abduct young women from college campuses in this country. Oh well, a mother can dream…

Yeah, but he only hears cases argued by Lawyer Malloy.