There is a cure for Autism...(mild)

And Jenny McCarthy, who made a career of licking her armpit on television, discovered it before all the eminent scientists and researchers who have dedicated their lives and careers to fighting autism. Sure.

Please, can someone shut her up now? <-------video

There are great people in the scientific and medical community who really care (I know, crazy) about the children they treat. I am really tired of hearing this demonization and crazy conspiracy theories. :mad:

Jenny McCarthy should be put in jail for child endangerment. One actress with a cause versus the entire medical community, and somehow she is taken seriously as a voice in this debate.

Can you summarize what her brilliant thoery is? I don’t want to watch that video and give her more attention.

God, is it too much to ask to be notified when something is a video? I can’t run videos here at work. And I agree, maybe you could sum up?

Stop watching MTV, probably.

I got as far as “Vaccines gave my son autism” (her first line) before shutting it down. It there’s anything else worth (ha!) hearing, I’d like to know too.

Of course, there’s nothing new about the claim:

Here’s a book from 2001:

And the classic Special Diets for Special Kids–from 1998:

Apparently she (and lover Jim Carrey) think that toxins in vaccines cause autism, and vitamins such as B-12 cure it.

Sorry. She cured her son’s autism by changing his diet, giving him vitamins and supplements, and detoxing the body of hard metals. She was quick to say the detoxification did not involve chelation. She then went on about how greed has compelled the medical community to lie to us about how safe vaccines are. Also, the medical community does not want to find or acknowledge cures for autism because then they would have to acknowledge that the vaccines caused the autism.
She might as well spit in the face of all the people who have dedicated their lives and careers to researching autism, as I said above. But I guess that’s ok because they are part of the evil “establishment”.

Oh, and because it’s too late to edit my OP, it’s not too much to ask to be warned when something is a video. I just forgot. It’s a video.

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I added a warning for you.

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Hmm, how much profit does “the medical community” make on vaccines?

Here’s an abstract from a recent study on gfcf diets and autism:

(Emphasis added.)

and another:

Enough to at least pay for the electricity in their spooky, cliff-top, perpetually engulfed in a lightning storm castle.

I’d still do her.

Jenny McCarthy starred in The Stupids.

Don’t get me wrong, I get angry when people spout this bullshit, but in her case… need we say more?

Yeah, your son “died for two minutes.” My great-uncle died of whooping cough when he was three-for good.

It’s a damned good thing for Ms. McCarthy my great-grandmother’s dead. I don’t think she’d want to encounter her.

Here’s a text version of her kookery:
And here are some more stories on just how wacked out this chick is:

I love this part of her story:

A normal person might actually stop and think, “Wow, maybe it’s not that every doctor I meet is terribly closed-minded. Maybe, just maybe, I was mistaken and misinformed about a topic that I have never received any actual formal education about.”
But of course, celebrities are able to get away with being as deluded as they want to be.

Many psychiatrists (or so my brother, a rather eminent child psychiatrist himself tells me) despair of the term Autistic Spectrum as to many it implies that all those so diagnosed suffer from the same condition, varying only in the degree. In fact it is more likely that there are several causes which lead to autistic symptoms (he use the word phenotype in his explanation, but I forget exactly the phrase he used :smack:). From this it would seem safe to assume that any treatment is likely to be effective in only a proportion of cases.

When my autistic, albeit high-functioning, son was just over a year old, we discovered he was allergic to cow’s milk, and subsequently to goat’s milk. Soon after he turned seven , it was determined he had (finally) grown out of it. For those six years, he consumed no milk, no casein, no sodium caseinate, no calcium caseinate, and no whey or whey products. Oddly, following a very rigid casein-free diet made absolutely no difference to his demeanour or to his autism in any way. None. Granted, perhaps that’s because we weren’t expecting to see any change, but I doubt it.

Jenny McCarthy is giving false hope to millions of parents, and aside from being ignorant, that’s just really cruel. There is enough struggle and heartache associated with being a parent of a child with special needs, or, for that matter, the child him/herself without having to add this kind of ignorance to it.