Feel bad. Urinate. Now feel better. Imagination?

I think this is my most TMI thread to date, but here goes. Once in a while I have woken up in the morning and felt kind of lousy, either from too much sleep or from an incipient cold or possibly from a hangover.

I didn’t have an immediate need to pee, but after I dragged myself to the bathroom and drained the dragon, I suddenly felt quite a bit better, as if (and this could very well be imagination) I had gotten rid of some “toxins” floating around in my body. Hardly euphoric, but the achy blah feeling I had woken up with was alleviated quite a bit.

Of course, by the time any toxins in my bloodstream had collected in my bladder, I would figure they had been scrubbed from my bloodstream already (via my kidneys). So is this a real effect, and if so what causes it? Or is it just another thing to chalk up to one’s imagination? Or perhaps you don’t have the slightest idea what I’m talking about?

Lower blood pressure?

Perhaps you really did have a bladder yearning to be urine-free from the get-go, but didn’t recognize it as such, instead interpreting its signals as “lousiness”.

/raises hand

I have exactly the same experience. Nothin’ like a nice ol’ piddle.

[Ron White]
You ever take a crap so big, your pants fit better?
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Related to the OP; there have been times that I’ve felt cold and tense, but after relieving myself I felt a bit more relaxed. I have n idea what bladder function has to do with body temperature, but there you go.

You ever take a piss so big, your pants fit better? :eek: