Feel good story, automotive division

This from today’s Montreal Gazette. A car was idling near a busy intersection when he noticed a car heading straight towards a sidewalk with a bunch of pedestrians and construction workers. Without hesitating, he drove his car to intercept it and succeeded. He was unhurt; the other driver, who was apparently stoned out of his mind, was injured but it didn’t sound serious (his airbag deployed). The guy got commendations from the mayor, the police chief, and others. He says he saw the need and reacted without having time to think. And his insurance company has announced they will cover all damages to his car, no questions asked.

Police had been trying to stop the other guy and had maneuvered him into a snow bank. They got out of their car and were heading towards him when he somehow reversed out of the snow bank and headed toward that sidewalk.

Great story! Pairs nicely with the “pedestrians outside the crosswalk are fair game thread”

It is positive news, yes. Link to the story.

But as an instance of the Trolley Problem, it only works if he has a large sacrifice to make in saving those pedestrians. For instance, at the time he made the choice, did he believe that his insurance company wouldn’t cover the damage?

(Why yes, I’ve been binge-watching The Good Place, why do you ask?)