Feel guilty receiving an expensive gift?

The only thing I can think of to get my sweetheart for Christmas would cost upwards of $300. How would you feel receiving such a gift especially if your budget limited you to about $50 for your return gift?

I have always agreed with the “it’s the thought that counts” idea, but this really seems to be an ideal gift- it just happens to be an expensive one.

If all else fails, tell your SO you found the gift in a pawn shop for 50 bucks.
I usually don’t know what I’m being given (or how much it costs) until the actual exchange of presents takes place, so I don’t have time to feel bad about receiving a more expensive present than I can afford to give. Really though, I have never felt guilty about my sweetie giving me something he put a lot of thought and care into, regardless of cost.

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You could tell you SO that it is for Xmas and birthday. Or not say anything at all.

We have a limit of $25 for each other, but one year I realized that my husband needed a new briefcase in a very desperate way. I bought him a $200 Samonsite one that all the guys at the office just drool over. Two years later the thing still looks brand new considering it is used as a stepping stool for our son and is dragged around or sits on the floor of his car smothered in tools. I’m glad I spent the extra cash on it. I think that year I got a cd. ( Which is my favorite cd.)

I always feel guilty at Christmas cause the present I give are so much cheaper than the ones I get. People have said that the solution is to get a better-paying job and out-spend my family at Christmas time, which might be the most quintessentially American thing I’ve heard in my entire life.

My preferred, and highly un-American, solution, is just to emphasize that it really is the thought that counts, but that isn’t very successful. I still end up feeling guilty.

If you buy something that they really want (or need), it shouldn’t matter if it only cost half (or less) of what they spent. Conversely, if someone buys me something that I really want, it doesn’t bother me if that person spent less money than I did on their gift (especially if it is something that I wouldn’t buy for myself or haven’t been able to find).

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I’ve exchanged presents with someone for 19 years now and no matter how much I’ve spent they have topped it. It finally got to the point where I’ve given up.

I do make them hand made gifts and give that to them as well. I figure my effort producing something they can’t buy off the shelf is priceless. Home made cookies and candy. Home grown plants, dried and arranged in a nice display. Well it at least makes up for their out spending me ever single year.

I don’t expect exchanges to be equal every year, but it sucks to be the low spender every year.

My in-laws tell each other (and us) exactly what they want for Christmas. The item, the store - “Here’s a coupon - go nuts!”

My family, on the other hand, always tries to surprise each other and it really is the thought that counts with us. I give what I can afford to give and they’re thrilled with everything I give them.

Well I feel guilty because last Christmas my sister gave me a gift certificate for a plane ride in a Cessna where I get to actually fly it and everything. (once we’re up in the air) But I haven’t made the appointment or whatever to go do it yet. She asked me about it the other day and thats when I felt really guilty. Looks like I’ll have to make it up to her with whatever gift I find for her this year…No, I haven’t done ANY shopping yet, and I have to buy presents for 10 people, which only includes one kid. (which is no sweat, with all the toys there are out there) :frowning:

I love Christmas and the whole ‘giving’ thing, but I absolutely HATE shopping. Particularly when I procrastinate and am forced to do all my shopping last minute in those infernal malls packed with people just like me. :frowning:

I Voltaire, do solemnly swear to do ALL my Christmas shopping ahead of time, over the net or via mail order catalog next year. So help me Santa.

It’s the thought that counts not how much you spend. For $50 s/he could could buy the materials and make something that time-wise or talent-wise would end up costing well over the price you paid. On the flipside, you could have paid muchmore than what the thing is really worth depending on the store and namebrand. It doesn’t matter what you spend as long as it is a well thought out gift.

Too many people put emphasis on the monetary value of a gift instead of the gift’s real value. The fact that someone thought enough to go out and find or make something especially for you. To me, I would rather not get a gift at all, than to receive the first something someone saw, because they had to buy something.

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How right you are! I’ve just returned from lunch with a friend who gave me a painting he made. It’s actually very well done and the fact that it was hand made especially for me was very touching. I have already framed it and hung it on my wall. I wish all the gifts I received over the years were as special. The sad part was that he was so apologetic because he couldn’t afford to buy for anybody this year, he kept saying “I’m sorry this is the best I could do”. I kept trying to reassure him that it will be one of my all time favorite gifts for a long time to come.

Never embarrassed - it’s the thought that counts. Especially if that thought involves diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies or currency having multiple zeroes.