Feel like someone's looking after you?

Just wanted to tell you what’s happened to me. I’ve screwed up my finances recently, and my wife’s new job won’t deliver any pay for a month, and things were getting REALLY tight. Guilt-ridden, I took a second job as a care assistant in a nursing home purely because I felt it was the responsible thing to do. Once again, though, actual payday seemed a long way off.

About a month ago, just as the banks were running dry for the first time, we had a cheque arrive from my wife’s grandparents. They had no idea we needed cash at all, just “felt it was right”. Then this morning, after working two nightshifts and with a late essay on my back, eyes gritty and head spinning and money down to just a few pounds, I dragged myself along to church for the first time in three weeks… only to have the loveliest sweetest old lady in the entire world come up and give me an envelope which later inspection revealed to contain £100! Is that amazing or what? NONE of these people had any idea we were in trouble! I didn’t deliberately keep it to myself, it just never came up! Damn I love the twilight zone!

Anyway. Just wanted to let you know. Life can be pretty cool when you let it be what it wants to be. Stuff like this ever happen to anyone? Mundane is good.
ps: please note I have deliberately kept all references to God out of this post. I wanted to let you guys run free with it.