feel so like Bob Newhart today

It’s like Howard or Mr. Carlin, or Larry and the two Darryls have taken over. And the remaining authority figures are trating everything like absolutely normal.

And I’m standing there, stunned to no more than a cocked head and a raised eyebrow and some stuttering pop psychology to try and rationalize it all.

And do you really think I’m going to let you get away with that kind of suspense? Sit right down hear on the couch and tell me all about it.

No, I said here. Right over here.

This is my reaction to the election. The Larry and the two Darryls represent 3/5ths of the damn country. And the other two are Jerry and Howard.

Oh, darn. I thought this was going to be another gripping tale from the workplace. I miss those stories of yours. Now that the election is over, can you find it in your heart to tell us more of those? Your job is so much more surreal than mine!

I’ve lost a lot of the respect I had remaining for my boss. I don’t get it. She’s too kind hearted to fire an utterly inncometent co-worker, yet she votes for Bush. I can’t reconcile the two.

7 or 8 of us (out of 11) voted for Kerry. Even the evil, incompetent one.

I am not going to get the city job I applied for. I did the same job for two of the finest national institutions in America, and I can’t get an interview with the city.

My boss gave a speech at the last department meeting that pissed off all of us. She spoke about how we are not a core service and we could be zeroed out of the budget. She talked about a recent “spiral” (which we all took to mean downward spiral) in which we weren’t managing the details of our responsibilities well enough. At least 5 of us went to her after the meeting to lay this directly at the door od the Evil Incompetent one, but she insists on trying to resolve the issue in terms of refining processes.

Not really where I thought I would go but…

Now, then, wasn’t that much better than picking on Ohio?
I make it a point to never tell anyone who I voted for. Even if I voted for the same person they did. I find this makes my life much easier to endure. Now that ** Lillith Fair** has emailed me the political preferences of everyone on the staff at our church I’m looking at them a bit differently. She did this in response to Bush coming to our little town last week and being only blocks away from us…and one person on the staff had tickets to go see him. She let me glimpse a little bit of inter-office bickering that I miss out on in the retail world. Fun, but potentially disturbing.

At least you get to fuck Emily.