Feel Young?

Ok, I was going to put this in MPSIMS, but I ended up bitching quite a bit, so here it is in the Pit. Feel free to take offense. :wink:

Ok, I know I’m only 18, but recently I’ve been feeling like a little kid. All of my friends have grown “responsibilities” and my boyfriend Carl (who is 6 years older than me) is constantly bringing up things that happened when I was only 6 or 7 years old. As a matter of fact, yesterday I was hanging out with him, his best friend Chris (10 years older than me), and the best friend’s wife Robin (a few months younger than me, but she has a baby). Carl and Chris began to talk about “the good old days”, and suddenly Robin interrupts her husband’s speech about when he was in high school, turns to me and whispers “We were in the second grade!” Makes me feel a little like I’m dating a pervert. :wink:

Okay, enough ranting. The real purpose of this thread is that I want to take offense to this list which was posted in the Feel Old? thread. It is not an accurate portrayal of my generation at all.

I did too know that, and I even know that it had something to do with a guy who was obsessed with Jodie Foster. Didn’t it?

I remember three presidents, thank you, and “voted” for two of them in school.

I remember the Berlin Wall coming down, and I fully understood the importance of it at the time.


  1. They have never feared a nuclear war. “The Day After” is a pill to them, not a movie.
  2. They are too young to remember the space shuttle blowing up, and Tiananmen Square means nothing to them.
  3. Their lifetime has always included AIDS.
  4. They never had a Polio shot, and likely do not know what it is.


Polio? Isn’t that a game with horses and mallets? I know what polio is!!!

That is only accurate if you had money. I had an Atari, and I still have vinyl albums.

So you’re saying we’re incapable of understanding metaphor because the majority of us did not listen to records?

I owned a record player, I’ve played both Pong and Pac Man.

Not. I just saw Star Wars for the first time this year (although most of my friends had seen it hundreds of times) and I thought the effects were awesome. (The original version, BTW, not the digitally remastered version.)

Wrong again. Okay, red ones I didn’t know were “new”, but I remember beige M&Ms and I remember when the blue ones were introduced.

Yet I didn’t own a CD player until I was 16. I still prefer tapes.

Wasn’t that only a few years ago? I remember the prices changing when I was in the 6th grade, and again soon after that. Sixth grade is not pre-memory, you know.

Wrong to all of those. Our first answering machine was a big deal in our house; I remember it. We did have a black-and-white TV and one with 13 channels. I got cable in the 7th grade. And I remember being upset when we got a VHS because I couldn’t watch Charlotte’s Web anymore.

Because everybody had a remote control beginning in 1981. Yeah, right.

No, inline skates are not the only ones I’ve ever seen. I remember skates before that.

So you’re saying I have no idea who Johnny Carson is, and that Ed McMahon is just the guy from Publisher’s Clearinghouse?

I think you get the idea. . .

Jaws? I remember that movie coming on TV once. I watched it on our little black-and-white 13 channel TV that had no remote.

I wear hard contact lenses. I can’t wear soft contacts because of my cataracts.

He came from Happy Days.

Ok, ok. Who did shoot JR? I’ve been waiting 18 years, I think it’s time somebody told me!


  1. The Titanic was found? I thought we always

But do you remember being able to get a hamburger, fries, and a coke at McD’s, AND get change back from your dollar?

(whose children think she had a pet dinosaur)

I read the exact same thing through e-mail and was infuriated by it. I am 20, and I probably have more knowledge about many of the historical events on there than many adults do. I think the whole thing is completely ludicrous. Children of that era do have brains; it’s not like they stopped issuing brains in 1980 or something. But I’m glad someone finally addressed that e-mail in a place where people can respond to it because it really pisses me off. It always seems like older generations feel like age has made them much more superior than anyone else.

No, but i remember when you could get a taco at taco bell for .39 instead of the exorbiant .79 cents it goes for now…
I also remember their 59/79/99 menu, which has now gone the way of the dinosaur…

Savor your youth Cessandra, and don’t be afraid to be a little naive. It only serves to enhance your idealism.

7/20/69 - the most significant date of the 20th century. Cess: “Woodstock, right?”
Absolutely charming.

Don’t be upset if we oldsters make fun of your inexperience. In another 30 years you’ll be able to make fun of our senility.

In my day, you could ride the trolley to the movies, get popcorn and a drink, and watch two shows, the news and a cartoon, and ride the trolley home, all for $.25!
– My grandparents. Sadly, it’s true!

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.
– Henry David Thoreau

PB, I just saw your post. Damn! Forgot I’d said something that horribly cute and stupid!!! But, actually, I forgot what thread I said it in, and I still don’t know what you’re referring to. I can’t look up a date, and I still wasn’t there, so. . .

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.
– Henry David Thoreau

“The Eagle has landed!”…and not in the middle of an upstate New York corn field. :slight_smile:

Oh, ok! I’m sorry, but if you want to trip someone up, refer to important events just by the date. If they weren’t born yet, they just can’t get it! I actually thought the landing on the moon was in '72. Sorry :wink:

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.
– Henry David Thoreau

They did land in 1972!..and 1971 and 1970 and 1969…uhhh…feeling old, again…

I meant I thought that the first one was in '72.

BTW, PapaBear, I don’t want to be idealistic. There’s nothing more horrible than the shattering of a dearly held delusion. I really hate the niave idealism of my peers, and I resent the implication that I am like that. Unfortunatly, I can see the day looming ahead when I’ll realize that I am like that. How horrifying.

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.
– Henry David Thoreau

Cessandra, I’d love to be more idealistic. The idealistic people ore the ones who are crazy and stupid enough to try to change the system. I’d hate to see what would have happened if MLK or JFK or a bunch of other people had been more cynical

I feel young whenever my husband hangs out with his new friends, or I go talk to the county VA guy or go to the Quilt Guild meetings. Just remember to put Pampers on me before you put me down for my nap.

I thought red M&M’s were discontinued for a while, then re-introduced.

Oh, I grew up in a “prime strike zone” we did nuclear drills, just in case we were not vaporized instantly. Then we watched some scary Brittish movie with an expectant mom and lots of dead sheep in it.

Cassandra, I don’t think the list was designed to insult you by making you feel young. It was designed to make me (us) feel old. Maybe the reason that you got steamed about it instead of just laughing it off is the same reason you’re dating someone older.

If the shoe fits…

“If you stick your finger in a pie, whatever is in the pie will be on your finger, and whatever is on your finger will be in the pie…unless you wear a rubber glove”----some demented old lady

Not to nit-pick, but Mork from Happy Days? No. Mork was from Ork. He lived with Mindy.

“I think it would be a great idea” Mohandas Ghandi’s answer when asked what he thought of Western civilization


Then perhaps you shouldn’t nit-pick. Because the character of Mork was, indeed, introduced on Happy Days.

And now I’m really upset at remembering some of the television I used to watch.

Flick Lives!

Age has taught me that adding to superlatives doesn’t add to clarity

I’m 24, and I read that same list, and I laughed my butt off. I really don’t recall anything from the Reagan era aside from a pin a friend had that said “No More Ron” as a pun on “No Moron”. I thought it was quite witty at the time. (I was 9, I suppose.)

I remember the Berlin Wall coming down, but at the time, I remember thinking “I guess Nostrodamus was right.” embarrased

I know polio is a disease, but until recently I couldn’t name any of the symptoms. AIDS has been around since I first found out about sex. And Star Wars still looks fake. Even the Phantom Menace looks fake.

A friend of mine has a working 8-track. This makes him the epitome of cool. It’s like he owns a working Model T or something.

I know more about WWI and WWII than Vietnam, because they get to WWII in History class, but they never have time to cover Vietnam. And not only has there always been MTV, it’s hard to remember when it played mostly videos.

Lastly, Rock’n’Roll has always been what our rparents listen to. And “Happy Together” is just a Golden Grahams commercial.

Your Quadell

P.S. - Jordache Jeans were cool? Why?