feeling more positive about American high schools (Shorewood Lip Dub)

Whenever I see movies about high schools in the US (like Welcome to the Dollhouse or Mean Girls) they seem like a horrible place to send your kid too, full of bullies, cliques etc.

But then this video of kids in a typical american high school makes me thing that maybe high school can be full of fun! This school showed amazing talent in making a lib dup video - filmed in reverse! And everybody seems so happy.

YouTube – Shorewood Lip Dub

I dare you to watch it without smiling. I think Mr. Ballew’s class next year will see double the amount of usual signups.

Forgot a link to a news article describing the rivalry between the two schools.

That was a lot of fun to watch! Now my nine-year-old is wishing his life were a musical. :slight_smile:

That was great, just the thing to perk me up on a Monday afternoon !!

Was that all ONE TAKE?!?!?! :eek:


That’s pretty amazing.

Clearly, the next level will be for all the students to perform while upside down, doing hand stands.

The quote from the news article that you included in your post was referring to the first video, that the students at the other school made (Shorecrest’s video). But if you read further, you will read that the “backwards” video (from Shorewood) was also filmed in one take. The mind boggles at the coordination involved. This is the kind of complicated scene I would expect to see in a Hollywood picture, not in a student-produced video.

I’m sorry, Shorecrest, but the Shorewood kids beat you this round. Better luck next year!