Felix the Cat-5

This sucker has gotten big, fast. 165 mph sustained winds and a surface pressure of 934 mb. This is the second consecutive Cat-5 in the Carribean. Dean was a Cat-5 before it hit Jamaica.

Felix looks to be heading right towards Belize. I think there was a poster from Belize in the Hurricane Dean thread.


Kudos for the great thread title! :smiley:

Wow, I checked it this morning and it was at 80mph. The Caribbean must be boiling.

Two cat-5 landings in the same season, crazy.

Why, thank you! I’m surprised I was the first to get it in.

I thought it was to be about Category 5 computer network cabling. :slight_smile:

Glad I’m not the only one! I feel I’m owed pictures of cats and/or elaborate cable setups.

Katrina/Rita were close. Think we will see more of the same until this spell dies down.

Heh, me too, which was the only reason I opened it.

i thought there was a “mother nature has a sense of humour” moment, when i noticed the fellow who is the gov. of where dean hit in mexico has the first name of felix.

“oh boy, here we go!” i thought, “how ironic is that… and what if felix heads for him?”

it seems felix will be very south of him but i’m sure he is hearing about it.

the gulf of mexico is very warm this summer any storm heading in there is gonna get big really fast. the only hope is that they track near each other as the water gets very stirred up and cools off a bit.

i’m very thankful that the atlantic ocean off of new jersey is just in the mid 70’s. hurricane killing water.

Our new(ish) doper untimelysmile is in Belize. Hang on tight!