Fellatio and breast cancer; am I being whooshed?

Someone just sent me this article. This has got to be a faked page, right? I looked all over but I didn’t see any disclaimers or anything.

If it is real please everyone help me get the word out, so that we may all work together to fight this horrible menace this is breast cancer.

Well, being that:

  1. The URL starts with “theillustrator”, not “CNN”

  2. The style isn’t really CNN’s

  3. A search of the legit CNN website fails to turn up anything remotely like this,
    I’d say you were being very completely whooshed.

If you look at the web address, it is not CNN.com, its like “www.theillustrator” or something like that. I had a friend trick me once doing the exact same thing saying Bush was assasinated.

And Snopes says it’s crap.

Apparently, it is a hoax:

Did you ever think otherwise?


The blinders of wishful thinking.

Yeah, I was suspicious by the URL being from the illustrator, but I guess I figured that legally there would need to be some sort of disclaimer on the page.

Mods, feel free to shut this sucker down, lest word of my gullibility gets out.

Too late :wink: