Ummm - this is a joke.. right?

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This is a fake isn’t it? I mean it’s surely a hoax? We don’t get Breyers over here so I’m at a loss. Completely bamboozled.

This just can’t be a real ad… can it?

Please tell me it’s fake.

Pretty please?

Considering the ad copy reads, in part " …these gymnasts are busting their young asses to yaddawhatever" I think it’s a joke. Looks like something off Photoshop Phriday over at FARK, and a quick Google doesn’t reveal anything.

I believe Photoshop Phriday is a Something Awful section, not FARK.

No publisher in their right mind would allow anything like that to get anywhere near a press. It’s got to be a Photoshop job.

Not enough bleach in the world.

AAAA, how about a warning? People have probably been arrested for having images just like that on their computer…

Which leads me to ask, who would take a picture like that in the first place.

And to the OP: Yes, of course it’s a fake. Geez.

OH my G-D a picture of little girls doing gymnastics.
So someone used photoshop to make a rude joke, still if anyone sees them as in anyway sexual they have a seriously sick mind.