Fellow Cyclists, Please

The pollen here in Georgia is particularly brutal right now, and I really suffer when I wear only my scrip sunglasses, because they don’t wrap around. I have a pair of old Blades that do but they are not scrip, so I sacrifice vision.


I have seen some sunglasses in the Performace Bike catalog, which have “prescription inserts”, and I’m just wondering if my optician is going to be able to follow the curvature of the wraparound style for these inserts. Have any of you had experience with having this done?

Thanks for your help!


PS: In case you’re wondering, yes, I am a novice cyclist! :slight_smile:

I’ve only seen ones where there are prescription inserts that are separate from the wrap-around lens. Kind of like wearing goggles over glasses.

I use prescription Ray-Ban Daddy-Os. They’re simple, look good, they keep the wind off well, and I can wear them for everything.

Considered contact lenses? In my experience, they’re much cheaper than putting prescription lenses in sunglasses.


I have an eye exam coming up this week. I’ll see what I can come up with re: the Ray Bans.


Eyes don’t produce enough tears for contacts.

Thanks guys


I have a pair of Rx wrap sunglasses.

The curvature of the lens CAN cause problems! Had to have mine redone because it didn’t work out the first time. The greater the needed the correction the more trouble this will be.

On the other hand - now that I’ve gotten them to work out, I do like having them.

I have a pair of oversized sunglasses that fit OVER my regular glasses.

Great for driving, not great for bicycling. If I overheat, the inside pair can start to fog up. But they’re cheap, you can find them at an optician for maybe $15, and give it a try.

Quasi a bit on the high end, but a couple of the guys I’ve ridden with wear Oakley scrips. Check out Oakley’s site.

Also high end, and hard to find, but made specifically for cycling, vented to reduce fogging, somewhat wraparound, and with prescription inserts available for a number of styles is Rudy Project.

For their Rx sunglasses info:

I wear the Performance Bike prescription glasses and have had no problems at all,tho I dont have very thick lenses.

I wear Gargoyle wraparounds with prescription inserts for shooting. The prescription lens doesn’t wrap around, if it did ordinary optical shops couldn’t make lenses for them.