Good Sunglasses for Running (for a female)

Mrs. Cups would like some new sunglasses for when we go running, but it’s been forever since either of us bought sunglasses. Frankly, when I do buy them for myself, I get the cheapest-ass glasses I can find…but she wants a nice, long-lasting pair.

Do any runners in the audience have any suggestions for sunglasses that work really well? Any non-runners have any recommendations? Where do I even buy nice sunglasses anymore?

Lastly, I’m not looking to spend much more than $50 if possible, but I’ll take all suggestions.

Get the wrap around style. Tifosi is a brand I’m familiar with with a lot of styles at $40-70.
Running glasses
Cycling glasses
Look for either photochromic lenses(Fototec) or glasses that come with multiple lenses for different light conditions.

if you need Rx glasses, I recommend SportRx
They also sell glasses without Rx.

When I ran (and when I continue to bike/hike/golf outdoors), I just used whatever my regular sunglasses were. When I wore contacts, I generally wore Ray-Bans (which will greatly exceed $50.) Then more recently I went to rx bifocal sunglasses.

I see a lot of “sport” sunglasses advertised, but never really understood the purpose.

I generally used Sunglass Hut in malls.

The wraparound style improves protection from sun (no gaps in the frame for the sun to shine through), wind, insects and dust.
UV light is a factor in cataracts.

Ohh thanks for this.

By wrap around style do you mean this over this? Or since they’re all considered “running sunglasses” they’re all pretty much ok?

The first one. Regular frames like the second have gaps in the sides and top that let light in unimpeded.


I’ve had good experiences with sunglasses from Duduma. Polarized, inexpensive, and durable.

My wife got a pair of these recently and seems to like them so far:

I would not spend too much on sunglasses for various activities, like running, biking, or hiking. It’s not that they wear out, but inevitably they will find their way to the ground, and often enuf that spending a lot on them is sort-of un-necessary. Good ones will not break on impact, but you can avoid a lot of heartbreak by buying 2 pair of $25 glasses from your local sporting goods store rather than one for $50 - and when one gets scratched or crushed, no biggee.

I recently picked-up a pair at Dick’s sporting goods. They have several racks in the open with the cheaper glasses ranging up to about $35 each. Behind the counter were Oakley, which were $100+ each. Many of them had the price tag turned-over, like jewelry. A friend of mine went kayaking a couple years ago with her nice, new, expensive sunglasses. She went to the toilet (pit toilet), and the glasses slipped-off her hat and into the pit. As good as gone!

The things I look for are: price (<$25), UV protection, more wrap-around style, no rubber on the nose-rests (the rubber pads tend to fall-off, or deteriorate from sweat/sunblock), and try to avoid rubber on the ear-rests for the same reason (but I will compromise on this point). I also prefer the ones without the full frame around the bottom, as that interferes with my vision while cycling, but that is a personal choice.

Ironically enough, I used to spend megabucks for MTB cycling glassesfrom brands like Rudy Project, Oakley, and Ray-Ban Killer Loops (OK, this was a while ago.) I use Uvex safety glasses now. $12 pair, adjustable temples, and arm lengths , wrap around, and 100% UV protection. I’ve never looked back (figuratively of course…)

I’m a big fan of Rudy Project, not cheap but also have many frames with RX options. Can get some good deals on sale/closeouts, although they recently did a MAJOR revamp so not sure that the have many discounted right now.
(Full disclosure: my team was sponsored by them.)

Also look as XX2i.

I’ll put in another good word for Tifosi for high-quality at a reasonable price.

As for where to get them – most of the bicycle shops around here sell Tifosi - and only Tifosi. Most of the other high-end brands are actually owned by one company and they won’t sell to stores that carry any brands other than own.

The expo for the race is next week, so I think she’s going to try some different styles on there and then head to the ole internet to get the right brand for the style.

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