Fellow Ferret-Owned Humans Please Respond

I can’t find 8-in-One Brand Ferretvite paste for less than $7 in the stores, but can find it for around $3.50 on several websites.

The catch is shipping–$7-$12 for 1 tube to 6 tubes. Obviously, buying any less than at least 4 means I’d do as well at my local Petco.

My owner uses a tube every 3 weeks, more than that if he’s got an ailment, so Tube 6 of a 6-tube order might not be opened for 15 weeks.

There’s no “fresh 'til” date on this stuff–just a lot number–so I’m hoping someone here has had experience buying eitherFerretvite or the similarMarshall Farms FuroVite in bulk and can tell me if Tube 6 will be fit to feed the furt in 15 weeks.

My five ferret owning friend says that it can separate, and that she would not buy it in bulk if it weren’t going to be used for that long.

As a matter of curiousity are you posting with live ferrets down your trousers?

It does tend to separate, but this can be fixed by massaging the tube to remix the contents.

As probably an obvious contributor to a thread like this - haven’t used the stuff, sorry, so the other posts are better sources of info.

I’ll take that as a no then.