Fellow Northeasterners: PAX is Coming to Kill Us!

Sorry, I’ve been watching the Scare-ther Channel and its scantily-clad weather Barbies gleefully predicting doom, doom, DOOM!

Moving on to a more scientific venue, according to NOAA Pax could bring a buttload of snow to the I-95 corridor (I’m in New Jersey).

I don’t want to lose any more of my precious pine trees (and precious parts of my fence, already smooshed in several places by said pineys), but I really, really want a snow day off from work!

What say you? Will this be a big one? Are you hoping to stay home in your jammies tomorrow?

Also, does “Nor’easter” simply mean a bad storm with certain Northeast characteristics?

Well, AFAIK according to NOAA “Pax” is doing nothing since NOAA does not recognize WeatherChannel storm names. But be that as it may, I feel kind of guilty for commenting, if you’d just look at my Location field. My problem is we can’t get you people to flee here because of all the cancelled flights!

Channel please…?

I’m hoping for more sleet and rain than snow in NYC. The streets haven’t been fully plowed in weeks and the parking lanes and curbs are just huge crusts of nasty ice that every foul thing is stuck in.

A Nor’easter is a low pressure system that moves up the east coast. Its counter-clockwise rotation produces strong wind from the northeast, and produces heavy snow from moisture absorbed from the Atlantic ocean.

Just say no to Weather Channel names for winter storms. It’s going to snow on Thursday, this isn’t a hurricane.

I seem to be the only person that likes the Weather Channel storm names. Because the winter storms have awesome names like Zeus and Khan and Iago, not crappy regular names like Irene and Sandy. But YMMV, of course. :slight_smile:

Here in Morris County, I seem to be right on the line of “Meh, that’s a fair amount of snow” and “Holy fuckton, stay home.” I’m pretty sure that I’m just going to decide to stay home in my jim-jams tomorrow regardless of whether my office is open or not. We’ve had a couple early releases and late openings this winter, but no actual closures. The hell with that. Jammies and Netflix for me tomorrow.

I second this opinion.

Boo to The Weather Channel for foisting this upon us.

Isn’t De Blasio coming along with his fork to chip people out?

It’s likely to be a big, messy storm that shuts things down for the day outside of city centers. Certain to be a snow day for four in the household, and no in-town meetings for me. Beef stew, big fire in the fireplace, get some more work done in between letting big dogs romp in chest-high snow.

ETA: And a pax on both weather channel houses.

Jeez. It took me several minutes before I figured out you weren’t talking about PAX.

I am so much in agreement with this. The weather channel keeps piping up silly sensationalism so much it’s getting unbearable to watch it anymore. Too much show biz all the way around.

Crap, I work outage calls for one of the power companies in New Jersey. Hope we can keep the lights on!

With a NOAA forecast of between 7"- 13", the only reason I might be going out tomorrow is because I bought a pair of snowshoes a few years ago & want to amortize their cost; last year they never got used. If it goes well, it’ll be jammies all day on Friday & work w/o a commute two days in a row.

Where I live is right on the line between two different colors on the fancy graphics. I’ll either have 7"-11" or 10"-14"

Either way, I doubt I’ll go to work. I’ll take paperwork home and maybe do some baking. I’ve cancelled appointments for tomorrow evening.

I’m fairly intrepid about driving in weather, but it’s likely that if I do venture out while it’s still snowing and try to work a full day my car will be packed into a plow pile and that’s no fun.

Ah, it’s SO nice to be retired!

I do agree on the various media doom-sayers. They make every flurry sound like the apocalypse, with the result that I don’t believe them even when it turns out they are right.

You are not alone. I think they started naming blizzards and winter storms after the 2009/10 disasters, where we the people started naming them, because you wanted to differentiate between the first, second or third blizzard in a two week time period. Or the fourth or fifth blizzard. But not the one that hit the midwest, the third one that hit DC. Of course with no standard it wasn’t that easy to know which one was Snowmageddon, Snowpocalypse or Snowzilla.

NOAA is the boring non-bikini babes weather service.

Fuck them.

The plan was for us to head to the hospital tomorrow morning so my wife could give birth. Weather curveball – they’re having us come in tonight instead.

Meh!, that’s right, I said it, MEH!, and I stand by it…

This is what Winter in New England (Maine) SHOULD be, we’re supposed to have lots of snow on the ground and subzero temps, this is the first NORMAL winter in quite a few years, actually, it’s pretty mild overall, we could really use some more snow…

A blizzard a week, that’s all I’m asking for, I don’t think that’s too much to ask, is it?

Mac"I survived the Blizzards of 1976 and 1978, this is nothing"Tech

Good luck and best wishes.

As for snow - we’re in MD, my brother and I bought a snowblower two years ago. Didn’t use it even once last winter. He used it once this winter already and is looking forward to this snow :slight_smile: Yes, he’s a bit weird about it.

Of course, next year both he and I will probably move to TX. No more snow. Just ice once in a while.

If you name that kid Pax, Snow, or Winter, I will track you down and beat you soundly on the baby’s behalf. :slight_smile: But good luck and happy baby!

I recently made the decision to move from NJ to Maine, and am hoping to be up there by the end of the summer … but I’m convinced this winter is doing its best to make sure I understand my decision.