Fellow Northeasterners: PAX is Coming to Kill Us!

I’m really glad whomever came first in my family staked their claim in this part of the country instead of sunny southern California or the beaches of Florida.

Interesting fact: Babies born during snow storms tend to be above average in intelligence and looks. I hope you get two feet of the stuff!

You are citing Dr. Victor Fries, I take it? :smiley:

Both of my kids schools are already closed. I’ve forwarded the emails of the closings to work & indicated that I won’t be in for child care concerns.
Its supposed to be really ice-rain-craptastic… so the sled I keep in the back of the FJ probably won’t get used. I’ve laid out some ice-melt tonight in the hopes that it will help some… but I’m prediction a drop of 8" of snow/ice combo by me.

Bright side? half a ring of firewood in the basement & 3+ cartons of duraflames, so if we lose power, we’re still warm.
Fridge & freezer well stocked, all the stuff that needs charging is fully charged, everything that uses gas has a full tank, and the wine rack is full (there was a sale; it was very convenient).

Special Kudos to PSE&G: Your “System Hardening” program you’ve been working on since Sandy? So far this winter its worked like a Charm, you Magnificent Bastards! Good Job!

I am at the grocery store and it is ridiculous. We are only going to be hit for a day or so, right? So why is everyone stocking up mad max style?

(My excuse is that I need coffee)

I’m excited about this storm. Personally, I’m a winter person. I’d much rather have to live in a place that had constant extreme cold than constant extreme heat (although, of course, four seasons is pretty nice).
So . . . er . . . what’s happened to the Weather Channel? I mean, NOAA’s always been more “serious” than it, but for the past few months, their site has been filled with bizarre headlines. (‘Check out what happened to THIS DOG!’ ‘Hours after their wedding, the bride saw something HORRIBLE!’ ‘They saw WHAT in four feet of snow?!’ ‘Ancient City Found . . . In Miami!’). They’re exactly the kind of headlines that you know are stupid and you shouldn’t click on them, but they’re so tempting. Has it always been this bad? I mean, sheesh, I want the weather, not Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.

PS- Hal, Congratulations!!!

They say Aquarians are perfect.
(mine gets straight A’s)

I was at COSTCO for cheap gas (I was at 1/4 tank). Mad lines to fill-up. :dubious:

I stopped at Walgreens on the way home from work because all I really needed was cigarettes and brownie mix. And then I was seized by the uncontrollable certainty that I was out of milk and grabbed the very last half-gallon that wasn’t skim. Everybody in line with me had at least a half-gallon of milk and an assortment of candy.

And as it turns out, I was totally not out of milk. But now I can definitely eat all the cereal I want tomorrow.



Dude. PAX isn’t until April 11th this year.

Anyway, the university is closing at noon. My grandboss thinks it could snow earlier than predicted, so the three of us in my department who don’t work from home will be telecommuting for our half-day.

But you know, I think I might go hunt MacTech down tomorrow for daring to say all that crap to rile up mother nature. This is one of the most miserable winters I can remember, I’d rather it not get any worse, thanks. Snow’s par for the course, but the cold’s been brutal. I’ve gotten frostbite three times this winter - I bought wool mittens for tomorrow.

Mother Nature is a WIMP! Bring it on, Mom N.!

If you’re prepared, and if you’ve lived through one New England winter, you should be prepared, as it happens every year, you shouldn’t have any issues

For those of us used to cold, snowy weather, this storm is nothing

Snow tires, blankets, fire starting supplies, energy bars and water jumper cables and spare cold weather gear in the car, prepare your car like you expect to spend a night trapped inside it

Firewood, flashlights and batteries, candle or oil lamps, lots of blankets, canned goods, and a means of cooking, be it a humble sterno stove, a fireplace, woodstove, potable water for drinking, gray water for flushing the toilet, these things should be available in the house

Niceties; charged cell phone, voltage inverter in the car for recharging portable electronics batteries, radio, forms of entertainment/distractions

Prepare for the worst, hope for the best

Third cancelled school day this month so far. Up yours, February!

It figures. Tomorrow and Friday are the only days in a long time that I have to be someplace early. I’m going to be timing games at a women’s curling tournament.

I seem to remember two quite heavy snowstorms last winter. Maybe they hit Boston more than Maine.

pee and crap before hitting the road - it is worlds easier for guys to pee in a bottle, but in a pinch I have scootched my ass forward and peed into one of the 44 oz giant soda cups and dumped it out a window in an emergency.

We have a couple solar battery chargers, and more than one hand crank type battery charger that work nicely on our smartphones, and we also have a couple spare batteries that we kept when we replaced the batteries a few months ago so we each have a spare charged cell phone battery.

Take a book/magazine/newspaper, boredom sucks. How about a deck of cards for solitaire or a few hands of poker? And a winter weight mummy sleeping bag is actually a great idea in your car. You can tuck up inside it and stay very warm. I like to keep a pillow in my minivan - when the seats are in their mostly reclined position the bumps, innies and outies of the seats are not the most logically placed for comfort and a pillow is nice.

Now that I have a minivan, I keep an army cot and my surplus ID orange pumpkin survival suit in the back with snow boots, gloves and one of those furry soviet uniform hats, a milk crate of assorted food, my usual flat of bottled water, about 20 of the little self heat MREs that Connecticut’s emergency services gives out during power outages [at home we can cook, but we are entitled to them and they make great emergency car meals] one of the hand crank flashlight/chargers and a coleman fluorescent camping lantern. If mrAru is going to be on a road trip with me, we add a second person’s stuff - the second cot, his survival suit, a bit more food, and a few more books. We have the usual - chains, MPL-50 entrenching tool, road grates, bag of sand, emergency flares and so forth. We could probably manage to survive for a week in the minivan without too much problem, not that I would want to. We do have a camp portable toilet that uses some sort of gel crap in a bag that is sort of like a diaper for adults but the bag things are fairly expensive. I suppose we could do something with a sealable 5 gallon or 2.5 gallon poly bucket and kitty litter though.

Just north of Baltimore, we woke up to at least a foot of snow this morning. Apparently it’s starting to switch over to sleet and freezing rain, but will then go back to snow. We’re supposed to get another six inches or so.

My office is actually closed today. That’s really rare- usually it’s just a “liberal leave” day (“Oh, you mean I can actually use a PTO day? Thanks!”).

How exciting! A snow baby! Hope all goes well, and can’t wait to hear the report!

It’s an official snow day here for us since my husband is a gov’t contractor and my office follows OPM operating status. We woke up to about 12" out there and it’s still snowing hard. I think it’s changing to sleet, because it sounds different hitting the windows, so we should probably get out there with the snowblower soon.

I’m prepared for what I believe is an inevitable power outage. Flashlights, safe candles, blankets, firewood, bins to put freezer food in… we’ll see. The pines out back are sagging a little, but not as badly as I expected them to be by now. My entire being wants to get out there and make snow angels and take pictures and try to build snowmen, but I know I’ll just end up soaked and cold, and I worry that I won’t be able to dry off and warm up if the power goes. Stupid practical grown-up brain. Hmph.

It appears to be snowing sideways out there. I’d say we had 2-3 inches when I walked the dog a couple hours ago, but it’s piling up fast. My office actually closed, so I’m not even using a vacation day. I stood at the window for about ten minutes before and saw one car go by. I hope they were going home.

Well, this time they were right. We have about a foot or so of new snow, and it’s still coming down.

I am SO glad my daughter and son-in-law live only a few blocks away. He came over and has just finished clearing the porch, paths and driveway. My husband has been told by his cardiologist that under no circumstances is he to shovel snow.